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Switching DC 60V 5A Lab PSU



The Switching DC 60V 5A Lab PSU is designed to act as both a single-channel DC power supply or a test & measurement PSU with auto-switching CC/CV.

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This Switching DC 60V 5A Lab PSU is an excellent addition to the workbench of any Maker, and is particularly awesome for Electronics projects in which you need to supply precision voltages and currents at stable rates and without risking any potential damage. It is an ideal fit for a hobbyist, professional and even industrial applications, and acts as both a single channel Power Supply Unit as well as a Test & Measurement tool for identifying and monitoring precise loads and draws.

The user interface has been designed to be as easy to read as possible, with onboard LED indicators to clearly display when the PSU is supplying constant current or constant voltage, and this allows you to carefully adjust both the current and voltage as needed, without any potential for breaking your PSU or the load that is connected – with clever onboard protection features to handle overloads and short-circuits on both the supply and draw side!


Switching DC 60V 5A Lab PSU  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 220V/110V AC, 50/60Hz (Onboard Switch)           

  • Output Voltage

– 0 to 60V DC

  • Output Current

– 0 to 5A

  • Minimum Load Current

– 500mA

  • Voltage Resolution (Fine/Course)

– 10 / 100mV

  • Current Resolution (Fine/Course)

– 1 / 10mA

  • Onboard Connection Ports

– Positive + Negative Spade Terminals (No Ground)

  • Voltage Display Precision

– 1% +1 Digit

  • Current Display Precision

– 1% +2 Digits

  • Ripple and Noise

– Vp-p ≤1%

  • Dimensions

– 81 x 165 x 220mm

  • Net/Gross Weight

– 1.4kg / 1.7kg

  • Max Safe Operating Temperature      

– +40°C @ <85% RH


Switching DC 60V 5A Lab PSU  -  Feature Specifications:

  • PSU Type

– Pulse

  • Number of Channels

– 1

  • Onboard Indicators

– LED Indicators (Constant Current/Constant Voltage)

  • Onboard Controls

– Coarse + Fine Voltage/Current Adjustments

  • Onboard Cooling

– Temperature Controlled Fan

  • User Interface

– 3/4 Digital LED Display

  • Protection Features (PSU and Load)

– Overload / Overheat / Short-Circuit

  • Constant Current/Voltage Function      

– CC / CV Auto-Switchable


Parts Included with Switching DC 60V 5A Lab PSU:

  • PSU                                                                     

– HPS605D                  

  • Power Cord

– 1 : Standard 2-Pin KETI Plug

  • Test Leads

– Croc’ Clip to Spade Connectors (1 Pair of Black + Red)

  • User Manual

– With Full Specifications and Extra Insights


Typical Applications for Switching DC 60V 5A Lab PSU:

With such a wide range of current and voltage output capabilities, these Switching Lab PSU’s are ideal for almost any application from hobbyist to industrial use. However, because of the reasonably high price of this specialised PSU, it is better-suited for prototyping and testing your projects, modules and components, and then once you’ve discovered the voltage and current needs of your project, you can switch to a more constrained Power Supplies that specialise in the precise power output you need – often at a much better price due to the “limited functionality”.


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Switching DC 60V 5A Lab PSU

Switching DC 60V 5A Lab PSU