High-Power Laser Module 12V 2.5W - with Goggles & External TTL Control Expand

High-Power Laser Module 12V 2.5W - External Driver



12V 2.5W High-Power Blue Laser Module, capable of engraving or cutting thin materials – Includes protective glasses and External Driver for TTL Control.

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If you’re looking for a laser that can produce some real energy, we have finally sourced an affordable and reliable 12V 2.5W High-Power Laser Module, which is so powerful that you need protective glasses just to look at the light beam that it produces. It is designed for high-intensity applications like laser engraving or cutting thin materials, and can be used within 3D Printers and CNC machines to build hobbyist laser engravers.

The laser unit comes with Protective Glasses included, to protect users from the immense energy and radiation that the laser produces. It also includes a PCB module that controls the power output of the laser, so that it can be installed into a project and controlled from a safe distance. Some users even use this laser to shine at the tiny mirror located on the moon, as an experiment to ascertain the distance of the moon from Earth by measuring the amount of time the light takes to travel there and back.

Just remember that this laser is extremely powerful and should never be aimed directly at any other person or animal, as it can burn skin and cause blindness from a surprisingly long range. This is why the unit includes protective glasses, as even the invisible radiation that it produces can cause damage to skin and eyes.

Please Note: Although this module offers TTL control via an external driver module, we also stock the standard non-TTL 2.5W Laser Module due to popular demand. This is a great way to save some money if you aren’t interested in using microcontrollers to pulse the laser, and simply want to utilise the laser with the standard ON/OFF functionality.


12V 2.5W Externally Driven Laser Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Operating Current

– 1 to 3A

  • Power Output

– 2.5W (2500mW)

  • Control Module

– External Module

  • Control Method (TTL-Capable)

– Pulse Signals from Microcontroller

  • Laser Colour

– Blue

  • Applications

– Engraving / Cutting / Distance Measurement

  • Protective Glasses

– Green


Typical Applications for the High-Power 12V 2.5W Externally Driven Laser Module:

This High-Power Laser Module operates at 12V to produce a 2.5W beam of light capable of engraving, as well as cutting thin materials like paper, plastic and certain woods. It is ideal for CNC engraving and cutting, as well as for measuring long distances in certain applications. However, it is a far more dangerous laser than many that are available to average consumers, so be sure that you treat it with proper respect and never shine it directly at people or animals. Whereas most keyring laser pointers are rated between 1mW and about 5mW, this laser is rated at 2500mW, meaning that it can cause serious damage if handled improperly.

However, despite the potential dangers, there are many great applications for this laser. We have really enjoyed experimenting with the capabilities in our workshop (with protective glasses of course), and have found it to be very effective at engraving, while offering reasonably good cutting potential.


Finally, although this laser module kit doesn't come with dedicated instructions, the following video by Ayobe Tech does an awesome job at detailing the installation process and other nuances involved in using this laser module with the Creality Ender 3. Bear in mind, however, that the Creality Ender 3 is a 24V 3D Printer, and as such the content creator uses a handy step-down module to drop the input voltage to 12V DC. If you need one of these in addition to your laser, be sure to check out our Step Down Voltage Regulators category to find one that meets the 2.5W requirement of the laser:


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High-Power Laser Module 12V 2.5W - External Driver

High-Power Laser Module 12V 2.5W - External Driver