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The Keyes KY-008 Red Dot Laser Module is Arduino-compatible, and is a great tool for a range of fun applications like building a custom security system.

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This Red Dot Laser Module is an exciting little module capable of shining a 5mW laser light on a low-power 5V circuit. This makes it ideal for Arduino projects and basic electronics applications, as it provides a bright, focused light without requiring high voltage or complex circuitry.

This module is often used for applications like building a custom-designed laser light or a device to check the level of surfaces during construction, but could also be used for more exciting projects like creating your own security system. It is not only a unique and fun module to experiment with, but it’s also very affordable for the many different applications in which it can be used.

The PCB size of this module is a small 15mm x 24mm, making it a perfect fit for small projects with space limitations, with a super light weight of 2.2g to ensure it doesn’t weigh down your projects either. The pins include a GND pin, a 5V Input pin, as well as a Signal pin to control the operations of the module, all of which can be connected to and controlled via an Arduino Board or similar Development Platform.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V

  • Wavelength

– 650nm

  • PCB Size

– 15 x 24mm

  • Depth

– 8mm

  • Weight

– 2.2g

Typical Applications for the Keyes KY-008 Red Dot Laser Module:

Despite it being a relatively simple module compared to many of the Modules we offer, this Red Dot Laser Module can be used for an exciting range of applications. Many of our customers have used this module to simply create laser pointers and similar device, but some of our customers have taken it a step further with the following projects:

  • Making a custom security system with a light-sensitive diode, which activates an alarm or reacts in a certain way when the laser light is cut – detecting an intruder or identifying when an object is in the way.
  • Building a measuring device to detect the distance between the laser module and the receiver depending on how bright or dispersed the light is on the receiving end.
  • Using a laser to transmit data wirelessly over long distances, by using pulse width modulation to define how the receiver reads the light and reacts.

Even though this module may seem simple at first, it can be used in highly complex ways in various applications from simple laser pointing devices to long-distance data transfer. These features, coupled with the native compatibility with Arduino Boards, make it a valuable and exciting module to add to your toolbox.

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Red Dot Laser Module

Red Dot Laser Module