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Red Laser - Crosshair



This simple Red Laser Module features a Crosshair lens and a simple 2-wire connection, for building accurate laser-based gadgets and tools.

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While laser-based measuring tools and gadgets were typically considered futuristic just a decade or so ago, with appropriately expensive price tags and buzzwords attached, Hobbyist Components and modules have become dramatically more affordable and accessible over the past few years, allowing more and more average consumers to delve into the world of hobbyist tinkering and gadget creation.

This Red Crosshair Laser Module is a prime example of how Hobbyist Electronics have opened up a world of new possibilities for the average consumer, and these modules allow you to build your own laser-based measuring devices, clever gadgets and useful tools without having to spend more than you’re comfortable with or source out obscure suppliers from random parts of the world. They offer a simple 2-wire connection style for connecting with a wide range of different microcontrollers, components and other modules, with a crosshair lens that makes the module great for identifying distances, levels and other important measurements.


Red Crosshair Laser Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model

– HLM1230

  • Laser Classification

– 111a (3a)

  • Laser Light Wavelength

– 645 to 655nm (Red)

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.5V to 4.5V DC

  • Operating Current

– <25mA

  • Optical Power

– 5mW

  • Beam Diameter

– 0.75mm (±0.05mm Tolerance)

  • Divergence

– >0.5mRAD

  • Connection

– 2 Wire (Red + Black)

  • Polarity

– Red Positive  /  Black Negative


Typical Applications for these Red Crosshair Laser Modules:

These relatively simple but effective Laser Modules are great for building your own custom laser-based measuring tools and gadgets, but can also be used for other applications like creating a presentation pointers or simply building fun toys to play or experiment with. Just remember, however, that even though these are Class 3a lasers and are often represented as the weakest consumer lasers available, it can still cause damage to eyes and skin if handled in the wrong way. So, in order to ensure optimal safety, never shine these Modules into the eyes of a living creature, and always be sure to treat them as though they could cause serious damage.


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Red Laser - Crosshair

Red Laser - Crosshair