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Red Dot Laser Diode



This Red Dot Laser Diode is the perfect little component for creating your own laser-based gadgets, pointers, toys or even measuring tools!

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As DIY enthusiasts, we love to source all kinds of different Electronics Modules, components and gadgets to play around with, so that we can build cool projects and improve our lives or the environments around us. And while many people are already accustomed to lasers and laser pointing devices, we are still excited to stock little modules like this Red Dot Laser Diode, which can be used to build an array of different projects from creative lighting projects all the way through to practical measuring devices.

This laser dot module operates on a low 5V DC, and emits a common 650nm wavelength light (Red) in a precise line, with very little divergence over both short and long distances. It is made from brass and lightweight plastic to offer the best of both worlds in terms of durability and space-efficiency, with a simple 2-wire connection style to ensure that it also offers a good level of versatility for a wide range of applications.


Red Dot Laser Diode  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Optical Power

– 2 to 5mW

  • Light Wavelength

– 650mn

  • Laser Shape

– Dot

  • Material Composition

– Plastic and Brass

  • Dimensions

– 12mm Diameter x 36mm Length


Typical Applications for Red Dot Laser Diode:

This red laser diode is more than just a precision light-emitter, and can be used for fun applications like building an ultra-low power “light-chaser” toy for your pets (which isn’t strong enough to damage retina or skin of course), as well as professional applications like building measurement devices or presentation pointer tools. The simple design means it can be integrated into almost any project that operates on 5V DC or higher, with an extremely low power consumption to ensure that it won’t drain batteries quickly or draw an excessive amount of energy from your circuit. Just remember though, as with all of the Laser Modules and diodes we stock, that lasers can easily damage eyes and can even burn skin if used in the wrong way. So always be sure to brush up on your laser safety knowledge before using this for any projects that will be used in uncontrolled environments.


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Red Dot Laser Diode

Red Dot Laser Diode