8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw Nut Expand

TR8x8 Metric Lead Screw Nut



A TR8x8 brass Acme lead screw nut for 8mm lead screws with a 2mm pitch, 4 starts and an effective lead of 8mm (8mm travel per revolution).

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This TR8x8 brass trapezoidal metric lead screw nut is compatible with our 8mm diameter TR8x8 range of precision leadscrews. The diameter and pitch offer a great combination of high torque and speed capabilities, which is why it is one of the most used and popular leadscrew and nut combination for 3D printers, CNC machines, and other linear motion equipment. All high-end 3D printers make use of TR8x8 leadscrews for their Z-axis motion, resulting in consistent and accurate layer resolution and movement.

This brass nut features a round flanged surface with four M3 tapped holes, making mounting a breeze to the rest of your machine. The nut has a pitch of 2mm, with four starts, resulting in a lead of 8mm. This means that there is 8mm of travel per revolution of the leadscrew - or around 0.04mm per step of a 200-step stepper motor.


Technical Specifications


TR8x8 (2p-4s)




TR8x8 (2p-4s) 8mm lead screw







Mounting holes

4x M3 (16mm PCD)

These nuts are an excellent choice for attaching a part or component like an extruder to a linear leadscrew, and allows you to control the linear motion of the part precisely with stepper motor rotations. This translates to near-perfect accuracy, without having to rely on belts that may stretch or snap under high torque loads.

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TR8x8 Metric Lead Screw Nut

TR8x8 Metric Lead Screw Nut