8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw - 300mm Expand

TR8X8 Metric Lead Screw Only - 300mm



The 300mm TR8X8 Metric Lead Screw offers the ideal combination of pitch and diameter for high torque, high speed power transmission – 2mm pitch, 4 starts.

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This 300mm TR8X8 Metric Lead Screw is a great tool for translating rotational torque into linear motion, and is often used as a transmission for machines like 3D Printers, CNC millers and similar types of applications. It is commonly used in conjunction with stepper motors for precision movement along an axis, and allows machines like 3D printers to achieve impressive positional accuracy both horizontally and vertically.

This leadscrew has a large outer diameter of 8mm, a pitch of 2mm and 4 starts. The large diameter helps to reduce whipping and unnecessary bending, while the 2mm pitch and 4 starts means that each rotation will result in 8mm of linear movement. And while this unit comes cut to a full metre length, we also stock shorter sizes, including 1000mm TR8x8 Lead Screws as well as 500mm, 400mm, 350mm and 200mm variations.

Please note that these lead screws work optimally with our TR8x8 Metric Lead Screw Nuts, as well as our specialised TR8x8 Anti Backlash Nuts, although these are not included with the lead screws and will need to be acquired separately.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model

– TR8x8 (2P-4S)

  • Leadscrew Length

– 300mm

  • Outer Diameter

– 8mm

  • Lead

– 8mm

  • Pitch

– 2mm

  • No. of Starts

– 4

  • Thread Type

– Trapezoidal (30°)


Typical Applications for the TR8X8 Metric Lead Screw Only - 300mm:

Although we stock these 300mm TR8X8 Metric Lead Screws primarily for 3D Printing applications, they can be used for any application that requires rotational torque to be translated into linear motion. It is a reliable transmission that can be utilised for precision accuracy, which is ideal for moving an extruder up and down the vertical axis to print layers measured in microns, or fractions of millimetres. If you are looking for these leadscrews cut into shorter lengths, we also stock 500mm TR8x8 Lead Screws, as well as 1000mm, 400mm, 350mm and 200mm lengths as well.

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TR8X8 Metric Lead Screw Only - 300mm

TR8X8 Metric Lead Screw Only - 300mm