New LilyPad White LED Module - 5 Pack - Cover Expand

LilyPad White LED Module



Brings your clothes to life, create cool accessories, or experiment with other more unique ideas with these awesome LED Modules for Arduino LilyPad.

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As tech’ enthusiasts and avid Makers in the world of Electronics, we tend to fall in love with a lot of different technologies that come out, often day-dreaming of the many insanely complex or deceptively simple projects that we as Makers can enjoy. And one such technology that certainly caught our attention – although we wish there was more development in the area – are LilyPad Wearable Boards and accommodating modules.

These LilyPad White LED Modules are a part of the LilyPad range, and are surprisingly simple despite their near-endless potential use cases. And in a similar way to how LED Units can be used for an incredibly wide range of applications, from simple status indicators to complex abstract emotions for little robot buddies, these LilyPad LED Modules offer an impressively diverse range of applications in the world of wearable tech’ and smart accessories.

If you’re looking for other exciting wearable tech’ modules, be sure to take a look at our LilyPad Button Modules, as well as our LilyPad Accelerometer Module and the LilyPad Tri-Colour LED Module too, as these can all be used together to make even more exciting projects!

Please Note: These units are priced individually, but have a minimum order quantity of 5. This is to help professionals and contractors in their pricing structures, while avoiding unnecessary shipping costs, so as to ensure the best possible price for each and every customer.


LilyPad White LED Module Pack  -  Technical Specifications:

  • LED Colour

– White                                                         

  • Minimum Order Quantity

– 5

  • Forward Voltage

– 3V to 5V DC

  • Forward Current

– ≤40mA

  • Weight

– ±2g Each (±10g Total)

  • Dimensions

– 5 x 11mm


Typical Applications for these LilyPad White LED Modules:

While these may look like simple LED modules, broken out for easy access and portability, they have actually been specially designed to be used with the Arduino LilyPad and other wearable tech’ and smart accessories. And within these applications, they can be used as simple status indicators to let you know of certain conditions like remaining battery power, or they can be integrated into an exciting wearables that react to its surroundings, breathe as you do, or perform any number of other simple to advanced functions.


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LilyPad LED Stickers Printout

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LilyPad White LED Module

LilyPad White LED Module