White Density:30/m Size:5050 - Silica Sleeve Expand

White LED Strip | 30/m - Size 5050 - 12V DC | Silica Sleeve



These LED Strips are sleeved in silica, offering size 5050 LEDs with a white density of 30 per meter for soft, even light distribution - Priced per meter.

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LED strips are an excellent lighting solution that is commonly used for even, bright light distribution with low power requirements. They offer high efficiency and a good spread of lighting, capable of being split into small groups of LED units for localised lighting, or kept as a long strip to light a larger area. They are flexible and easy to mount or install, simply requiring an LED Power Supply and some adhesive backing to stick it to where it need to be.

The unique features of LED Strips like these allow them to be used for a wide range of different applications, and the silica sleeving that comes included ensures that it is mostly waterproof, allowing it to even be installed underwater. This makes these strips great for outdoor lighting, such as around a swimming pool, although they can also offer great benefits indoors as well, in rooms like kitchens or bathrooms that may be subject to high humidity or moisture.

These strips have relatively large LED’s of 5mm by 5mm and a density of around one LED unit per 3.2cm, with 30 LED units per meter. This ensures quality saturation and a high lumen count, which of course translates to effective lighting that utilises a fraction of the power of typical lighting.

Please Note: These strips are priced per meter, with the shortest available length being 1 meter long.


White Low Density LED Strip  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC                                                               

  • LED Size

– 5050  (5mm x 5mm)

  • LED Density

– 30 per Meter

  • Spacing Between LED Units

– ±3.2cm

  • Sleeving

– Silica

  • Pricing Structure

– Per Meter


Typical Applications for these White Low Density LED Strips with Silica Sleeving:

These 5050 size 30/m White Density LED Strips are great for adding lighting to cupboards, around the rims of counters, or in an outdoor area where typical lights don’t offer the lighting that you want, and offer versatility like no other lights can. They can either be utilised in full strips that bend around corners and accommodate the shapes and space of walls and furniture, or can be cut into sets or single units to provide localised lighting wherever you need it. This is what makes these strips of LED’s so popular, as they can be installed along staircases, within tight enclosures, or almost anywhere else where standard lighting solutions simply can’t offer the same value.


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White LED Strip | 30/m - Size 5050 - 12V DC | Silica Sleeve

White LED Strip | 30/m - Size 5050 - 12V DC | Silica Sleeve