RGB 5050 60LEDs/M WaterResist(Glue Drop) Expand

RGB 5050 60LEDs/M WaterResist(Glue Drop)



These RGB LED Strips feature sixty 5050 Water Resistant LED’s, coated in a flexible epoxy coating (Glue Drop) – Ideal for use as ambient RGB lighting outdoor or within rooms that are subject to a lot of moisture or direct water.

Priced per Metre.

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If you are fan of lighting and the kinds of aesthetically pleasing scenes that you can achieve with the basic colours of red, green and blue, then you will be delighted with these RGB 5050 60LEDs/m Water Resist (Glue Drop) LED Strips. These strips are designed for outdoor use or use within humid environments or rooms that are subject to a lot of moisture, due to the clear epoxy coating that makes it water resistant and protects the LED’s and circuitry from external damage.

The colourful, bright and water-resistant characteristics of these LED Stripsmake them perfect for installing around the edge of a pool, underneath cupboards in kitchens and bathrooms, or anywhere else that could do with some gentrification through the use of colours and lighting. They have a relatively high density of around 60 LED’s per metre (or 1 LED per 1.67cm), with large 5x5mm SMD LED units that offer an impressive brightness for their small size, and can be controlled to shine in almost any combination of Red, Green and Blue – making up an incredibly wide range of tones and shades. If you are looking for similar LED strips but with fewer LED units, be sure to take a look at our RGB 5050 30LEDs/m Glue Drop strips, which have half the amount of LED units per meter to save on costs while still offering similar levels of light saturation.

Please Note: These LED Strips are priced per meter, so be sure to order multiple units if you are eager to get more than just one metre at a time.


Glue Drop Water Resistant LED Strip  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Operating Current

– 1.2A per Metre

  • Rated Power

– 14.4W per Metre

  • LED Colour

– Red + Green + Blue (RGB)

  • LED Size

– 5050 (5mm x 5mm)

  • LED Density

– 60 Per Metre

  • LED Spacing Distance

– ±1.67cm

  • Coating/Cover

– Glue Drop (Flexible Epoxy Coating – IP65)

  • Backing

– 3M Adhesive Tape

  • Strip Dimensions

– 10mm Wide / 2.2mm High

  • Pricing Structure

– Per Metre


Typical Applications for RGB 5050 60LEDs/m Water Resist (Glue Drop) LED Strips:

These RGB 5050 60LEDs/m Water Resist (Glue Drop) LED Strips are built for use in rooms and environments that may be subject to moisture, dampness or direct water, and are ideal when installed around the edge of a pool or stylishly integrated into bathroom designs. The clear epoxy coating means that they are highly resistant to water, while still allowing for effective lighting without heating problems, and the large size and high density of LED units ensures that the strip is more than capable of lighting up a room and adding some warm, cool, exciting or even sexy ambience whenever the situation calls for it.

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RGB 5050 60LEDs/M WaterResist(Glue Drop)

RGB 5050 60LEDs/M WaterResist(Glue Drop)