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Ansmann 5V 5400mAh Powerbank 5.4 - Portable Power Supply



The Ansmann 5V 5400mAh Powerbank is an excellent solution for the On-The-Go Maker, offering reliable 5V Power in a handy pocket-sized package.

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As hobbyists and tinkerers of all things Electronics, we can’t help but want to show off our cool creations to all of the people we care about (and strangers too!). But of course, because electronics run on electricity, we can’t simply take them out into the world and expect them to operate on pure willpower alone, which is why we simply love Batteries, as they provide portable power for your projects to operate out in the real world – away from permanent Power Supplies and connections to the power grid. However, if you really want to step up your Portable Power game, then simple batteries are not quite enough, which is why we’ve begun adding awesome powerbanks to our catalogue, such as the Ansmann 5V 5400mAh Powerbank 5.4.

This Portable Power Pack is equipped with a reasonably high 5400mAh capacity and features 5V output via two USB-A ports, with the total continuous current draw from both ports being 2.4A. This is more than enough to power a good range of different electronics for at least two hours, with an easy Micro USB power input port for recharging the power pack while not in use. In terms of functionality, the Ansmann 5V 5400mAh Powerbank 5.4 features 4 onboard LEDs to show internal battery capacity, with each LED indicating 25%, as well as a built-in power button for turning the powerbank on and off – helping to reduce wasted power when the powerbank is not in use.

Please Note: Although the datasheet states that typical units come with 5400mAh capacity, the back of the unit will show 5000mAh, which is the extreme minimum that these units will be provided with. In all testing, however, we found the actual capacity to be closer to 5400mAh, and this is why we've stated the nominal capacity, rather than the minimum.


Ansmann 5V 5400mAh Powerbank 5.4  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage (Micro USB)          

– 5V

  • Input (Charging) Current

– ≤2.2A

  • Output Power (2 x USB-A)

Port 1: 5V @ 1A

Port 2: 5V @ 2.1A

Total: 5V @ 2.4A (Continuous)

  • No. of Simultaneous Outputs

– 2

  • Battery Capacity

– 5400mAh

  • Total Power Output

– 18.5Wh

  • Number of Cells

– 1

  • Cell Type

– LiCoO2 : Lithium Cobalt(III) Oxide

  • Cell Configuration

– 1S1P

  • Onboard Indicators

– 4 x Blue Charging LED’s (25% Capacity per LED)

  • Typical Charging Time

– 3 to 5 Hours (Charger-Dependent)

  • Typical Ripple Voltage

– ≤70mV

  • Auto Current Cut-Off Level

– ≤50mA

  • Expected Lifecycle

– ≥500 Cycles/Charges

  • Onboard Protection

– Overcharge Protection

– Over-Discharge Protection

– Short Circuit Protection

  • Safe Charging Temperatures

– -10° to +45°C

  • Weight

– ±130g

  • Dimensions

– 120 x 67 x 12mm


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Ansmann 5V 5400mAh Powerbank 5.4 - Portable Power Supply

Ansmann 5V 5400mAh Powerbank 5.4 - Portable Power Supply