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RS PRO 14500 3.7V 820mAh Li-Ion Cell



Take your projects out into the world with these handy RS PRO 14500 Li-Ion Cells, featuring 3.7V 820mAh power and built for easy portable power.

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When building a portable project, it’s always a good idea to keep power usage in mind, because as much as we’d love to just harness energy from the air around us, we simply don’t have the technology to do that. Of course, with Solar Power becoming more efficient and affordable, the sun isn’t always a reliable source of power, and that’s why Batteries are still a widely popular choice for almost all Makers who like to make portable projects. Fortunately, as suppliers and Makers ourselves, we understand just how important portable power can be, whether for advanced Cosplay outfits, LED accessories or remote sensor projects or other applications, and that’s why we try to stock as many different types and sizes of batteries, such as these RS PRO 14500 3.7V 820mAh Li-Ion Cells.

These cells are rather unique even in the Maker scene, and are designed to the 14500, which is similar to the 18650 standard but just quite a bit smaller and with a lower charge capacity. However, despite the lower capacity, these Lithium Batteries are still quite powerful, featuring a max continuous discharge rate of 2.4A, and that makes these more than capable of powering LED based accessories, small motors, and many other small to moderate draw Hobbyist Electronics components and modules. Additionally, these can also provide a better form factor for building custom power banks and other on-the-fly gear, ensuring that you can always get the power your projects need when you’re out in the field or on the go.

If you’re a big fan of taking your projects out into the world to show off and impress your friends and family, then these RS PRO 14500 Li-Ion Cells, as well as many of the other options available in our Batteries Catalogue, are an excellent solution to cater to your portable project needs.


RS PRO 14500 Li-Ion Cell  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Type of Cell

– Li-Ion 14500

  • Rated Capacity (Typical)

– 820mAh                                                                                

  • Rated Capacity (Minimum)

– 800mAh

  • Nominal Voltage

– 3.7V DC

  • Voltage After Discharge

– 3V DC

  • Charging Voltage

– 4.2V DC

  • Internal Impedance

– 70Ω

  • Standard Charge

– 0.2C / 160mA

  • Standard Discharge

– 0.2C / 160mA

  • Max Continuous Charge Current

– 1C / 800mA

  • Max Continuous Discharge Current

– 2.4A

  • Max Continuous Discharge Power

– 1.92W

  • Ideal Operating Temperatures

– 0° to +45°C

  • Ideal Storage Temperatures

– -5° to +35°C

  • Expected Charge/Discharge Cycles

– 300

  • Included Cables/Tabs

– N/A

  • Weight

– 20.2g

  • Dimensions

– 14.5mm Diameter | 50mm Length


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RS PRO 14500 3.7V 820mAh Li-Ion Cell

RS PRO 14500 3.7V 820mAh Li-Ion Cell