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The VEML6075 UV Sensor Module is a relatively simple sensor that detects UV intensity, and is great for a surprisingly wide range of applications.

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The sun is objectively wonderful, and provides almost all of the energy that living things – including us – need to survive on this beautiful planet. However, it can also be dangerous at times, and with so much focus on global warming in current times, has been a topic of discussion for a number of years now. This is why we always enjoy finding, sourcing and stocking great Sensors like these VEML6075 UV Sensor Modules, which are capable of detecting UV intensity from a wide range of sources, splitting the wide wavelength range into individual UVA & UVB Channels, offering a 16-bit resolution for each channel for high accuracy UV index identification.

The module itself is relatively simple, and features the VEML6075 IC from Vishay Intertechnology, broken out into a module that Makers can utilise in conjunction with via an I2C-capable Microcontroller. It utilises the PH2.0 4-Pin interface to make it very easy to use, while also offering a standard I2C interface for Makers who want to integrate it into projects in a more discrete manner. Additionally, this module also is capable of operating on 3.3V to 5V DC input, making it ideal for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many other MCU’s, with a convenient digital output so you never have to worry about ADC conversions, and can instead simply plug it in, install the libraries and start monitoring UV levels without any unnecessary hassle.


VEML6075 UV Sensor Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Primary IC

– VEML6075

  • Output Type

– Digital

  • Microcontroller Compatibility  

– Arduino | Raspberry Pi | Any I2C Capable MCU

  • Connection Interface

– PH2.0-4P

  • I2C/IIC Address

– 0x10

  • Default Baud Rate

– 115200

  • Resolution (Per Channel)

– 16-bit

  • Response Wavelength (UVA)

λ0.5 within 315nm to 340nm

  • Response Wavelength (UVB)

λ0.5 within 350nm to 375nm

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V to 5V

  • Operating Current

– 700μA

  • Shut-Down Mode Current

– 10μA

  • Operating Temperatures

– -45° to +85°C

  • Mounting Hole Size

– 3mm

  • Mounting Hole Pitch

– 15mm

  • Dimensions

– 22 x 30mm


Typical Applications for VEML6075 UV Sensor Module:

While we typically consider UV to be very sun-based, the truth is that UV can come from a wide range of different sources, which of course means that this VEML6075 UV Sensor Module can actually be used for quite a wide range of different applications. And while we all know that these Modules are perfect additions to the classic Arduino-Based Weather Station, they can also be used for unusual and possibly unexpected projects as well, such as:

  • Building your very own germicidal lamp to sterilise utensils, cutlery or even dishes and bowls that your pets use, providing one of the safest ways to sterilise without leaving any residue.
  • Creating a wearable device that keeps you safe from extreme intensities of sunlight, as a way to help prevent harmful skin damage when the sun is shining strong. This is particularly beneficial since UV can be unexpectedly predominant even through clouds or on cold days.
  • Utilising the UV-sensing characteristics to craft a flame sensor, which can either simply sound an alarm or turn on emergency sprinklers, or can be used to control the intensity of a fire by adding fuel or suffocating the flame in real time.

Of course, as a Maker, you don’t have to simply follow the examples listed above, and if you have a cool idea on how to use this module, you have the freedom to take advantage of the awesome UV-sensing capabilities in whichever way you want.


Additional Resources:

  • This is the official DFRobot UV Sensor Module Wiki Page, detailing all of the specifications for this module, with documentation on how to connect it to Arduino and Raspberry Pi, as well as extra resources like the datasheet, schematic and libraries.
  • This is the official DFRobot UV Sensor Module GitHub Repository, containing the libraries for utilising this board with I2C-capable microcontrollers.


9MDFUVSENS - Datasheet

9MDFUVSENS - VEML6075 Datasheet

Download (191.89k)

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