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LilyPad Ambient Light Sensor Module

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Turn your clothes on after dark (automatically) with these awesome LilyPad Ambient Light Sensor Modules – Ideal for Wearable Tech projects.

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We are so lucky to live in a modern age in which advanced Electronics are all around us, and are affordable enough to not only invest in, but actually acquire for hobbyist purposes, to experiment and play with as we develop our passions. And one such awesome technology that has slowly been garnering more and more attention over just the past few years, and that we personally love to play around with, is wearable technologies like the Arduino LilyPad UNO, which is a textile-friendly microcontroller that you can sew into clothing and accessories, to perform exciting functions directly on, in or around your clothes – making them far more enjoyable than regular (boring) non-electronic clothing.

This LilyPad Ambient Light Sensor Module is a fantastic wearable tech-based module that complements the Arduino LilyPad UNO by giving it the ability to detect the ambient light levels in an environment. This means that you can use this module to create LED clothing that comes to life when the lights go out, and this is ideal for parties and outdoor events, in which you want to show off your passion for electronics, while enjoying some healthy socialising and gaining the respect of peers and colleagues through an awesome display of technical skills.

Additionally, while this module is great alone, it can also work alongside other great LilyPad Modules like the LilyPad Accelerometer Module, allowing Wearable Tech’ Makers to create clothing and accessories that reacts to light levels, motion, touch and much more.


LilyPad Ambient Light Sensor Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Light Sensor

– TEM6000                                                                        

  • Operating Voltage (Output)

– 0V to 5V DC

  • Collector Max Current

– 20mA

  • Light Sensing Wavelength Range

– 440nm to 800nm

  • Peak Sensing Wavelength

– 570nm

  • Angle of Half-Sensitivity

– ±60°

  • Weight

– ±2g

  • Dimensions

– 20mm Diameter | 0.8mm Thick


Typical Applications for these LilyPad Ambient Light Sensor Modules:

Whereas many of the Arduino-compatible Modules we sell can be used for a very wide range of different applications, the LilyPad Ambient Light Sensor Module is somewhat different, and is designed specifically to be used with textiles and wearable accessories. In fact, if you simply want an ambient light sensor for a project, you could use a readily available module or individual component to achieve this, but where this LilyPad Light Sensor differs is the way that it has been specially made to accommodate the LilyPad Arduino, while also being washable and quite water-resistant too.

These features are intended so that you can keep your wearable tech’ clean, and without any concerns about sweat or light drizzle affecting the functionality of the modules, ensuring that even if you are dancing all night, looking amazing in the light rainfall, your project will survive through the night, without needing repairs or module replacements.




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LilyPad Ambient Light Sensor Module

LilyPad Ambient Light Sensor Module

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