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3DTouch Auto Levelling Sensor



The 3DTouch Sensor is a Mechanical Bed Leveller with high precision accuracy and a small form factor – Compatible with all types of heated beds.

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3D printing is a very precise science, and often requires extremely accurate measurements, positioning and calculations to get just right. Fortunately, there are fantastic little tools like the 3DTouch Sensor – a Mechanical Bed Leveller – to help you get everything in perfect order for optimal printing results. This bed levelling probe is a mechanical version of the Inductive Sensor Probe that we stock, but offers even greater accuracy regardless of how level or uneven your printing bed is.

One of the prime benefits of this type of sensor, and the reason why it has become one of the most popular choices for owners of FDM 3D Printers, is that it is not dependent on the material composition of the heatbed that it is sensing. Instead, thanks to the contact-style sensor reminiscent of older limit switch designs, the 3DTouch can be used on any perpendicular surface aside from liquids, gels and other soft or squishy materials. Additional features that set it apart from other sensor probes is its tiny size, the ease of installation onto almost any extruder system, as well as its high precision of only 0.005mm repeated Standard Deviation.


3DTouch Auto Levelling Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Sensor Type

– Physical Contact                         

  • Standard Deviation

– ≤ 0.01

  • Repeated Accuracy

– ≤ 1%

  • Max Current

– < 300mA

  • Consumption Current

– 20mA


Typical Applications for the 3DTouch Mechanical Bed Levelling Sensor:

The 3DTouch Sensor Mechanical Bed Leveller is a simple-to-install, effective bed levelling probe designed for high accuracy in a small form factor. It is compatible with almost all FDM printers, and can also be used in a wide range of other projects aside from 3D Printing. With high precision accuracy and a surprisingly low cost, the 3DTouch Sensor is a great investment for any 3D printer owner.


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