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Small Mechanical End Switch



This Small Mechanical End Switch can be fitted as an automatic limiting switch for applications like gantry or Z-axis motion in 3D printing.

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Within electro-mechanical applications like 3D Printing, CNC machines and automation systems, these Small Mechanical End Switches are great solutions for limiting the location or reach of specific components. They work by either closing or opening (activating or deactivating) circuits via mechanical pressure on the lever, which then presses down on a little button that switches the circuit orientation.

These particular Limit Switches are rated at 1A 125V AC, and are set to Normally Closed by default, which means that it opens the circuit when the lever is pressed down. This then deactivates the circuit, which can either stop a specific component from moving along a predefined path, or could force an automatic response of another kind, depending on how the switch is utilised within the circuit or system.


Small Mechanical End Switch  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Power Rating

– 1A 125V AC

  • Operating Temperature Range

– -25°C to +65°C

  • Pin Orientation

– Common / Normally Open / Normally Closed

  • Dimensions (Approx’)

– 12 x 6.5 x 5.7mm


Typical Applications for these Small Mechanical End Switches:

Within our areas of expertise, we most commonly use these Small Mechanical End Switches for 3D printing, as they are the perfect little components to use for limiting the motion range of the X, Y and Z-axis. They are most commonly used for the Z-axis, so that 3D Printers can easily identify when the Gantry has lowered to the positioned that you have identified as the lowest point. Within this application, it automatically prevents the Hotend Assembly from diving headfirst into the bed, while also offering a reliable default “Zero” or “Home” location for 3D printers to begin their operations from.


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Small Mechanical End Switch

Small Mechanical End Switch