BLTouch Auto Bed Levelling Sensor – Smart V2.0 Expand

BLTouch Auto Bed Levelling Sensor – Smart V2.0



This BLTouch Sensor is the recent Smart V2.0 model, which includes a range of exciting improvements that help boost printing quality and ease-of-use.

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The BLTouch Auto Bed Levelling Sensor is an ingenious little tool designed specifically for 3D Printing, and is made to measure the precise distance between the nozzle and the build platform. This enables Makers to define and set the exact Z-heights of each point on the build platform, which helps to improve first layer quality and, ultimately, the quality of each and every print you produce.

This particular model is the upgraded Smart V2.0, and has a variety of features that improve upon the Classic design. These include major upgrades like the built-in 3.3V logic converter, a longer pin stroke for greater accuracy, as well as an upgraded pin shape for better overall efficiency.

In addition to the major upgrades, a few minor features that the BLTouch Smart V2.0 offers also include a Blue Servo Signal LED for testing and troubleshooting, a slightly modified connector and cable for user convenience, and even a little onboard QR code that you can scan for immediate customer support (in addition to our own in-house support of course).

For more in-depth details on this new model, as well as the differences between this model and the Classic, check out the ANTCLABS Product Page, as well as their Pin Configuration Page, which include everything you need to know and more about installing the BLTouch Smart V2.0. 


Smart V2.0 BLTouch Auto Bed Levelling Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 4.8V ~ 5.41V DC

  • Operating (Standby) Current

– 15mA

  • Maximum (Peak) Current

– < 300mA

  • Z Probe Output Logic

– 5V / 3.3V (Internal)

  • Cable Length

– 150mm

  • Dimensions

– ±28 x 36.3mm (without Pin)                        

  • Weight

– 10g


Smart V2.0 BLTouch Auto Bed Levelling Sensor  -  Operational Specifications:

  • Sensor Type

– Contact / Touch

  • Standard Deviation

– ≤ 0.01 (Dependent on each unique Printer)

  • Repeated Accuracy

– ≤ 1%

  • Bed Material Compatibility     

– Any Materials

  • Consumption Current

– 20mA


Typical Applications for the BLTouch Smart V2.0 Auto Bed Levelling Sensor:

The BLTouch Smart V2.0 is an all-round great tool that makes bed levelling simple, easy and automatic with the right settings. This allows you more time to focus on other factors that affect print quality, without having to waste any time adjusting the bed level or calibrating the Z-height before each and every print.

And finally, just to sweeten the already-amazing deal that these sensors offer, there is a surprisingly large Google + Online Community that is always ready to help newcomers with a wealth of information, guides and insights for almost any 3D Printers on the market. There you will not only find other like-minded individuals who are eager to help, but also a range of different articles and collections of knowledge and experience for you to utilise, which is invaluable in an open-source industry such as 3D printing.


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