BLTouch Smart V3.0 - Auto Bed Levelling Sensor: 2019 Edition Expand

BLTouch Smart V3.0 - Auto Bed Levelling Sensor: 2019 Edition



The updated 2019 edition BLTouch Smart V3.0 caters to many minor problems of previous versions, while adding extra features for enhanced accuracy.

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After being in the industry of 3D Printing for so long, we’ve come to learn that only the very best brands can survive this cutthroat industry, and the brands that can’t quite cut it tend to slow down on the upgrades and new models that they produce, until eventually they stop altogether. This is why, when we find a brand like ANTCLABS, who continuously bring out new models, upgraded versions of their products, as well as improved firmware to handle some of the odd problems that arise from time to time, we like to support them to the fullest and keep up to date with the fantastic improvements that they keep on pumping out year after year.

The latest BLTouch Smart V3.0 Sensor is the 2019 Edition of the world-famous Bed Levelling Sensors, and is a great example of how ANTCLABS continues to update their products as the need arises. And in addition to the major improvements of increased compatibility and more consistent accuracy, the new 2019 BLTouch also features a range of other improvements too. These somewhat “minor” improvements that have been done to the BLTouch Smart V3.0 Sensor include the removal of the logic voltage manual selection, due to the 3.3V/5V free logic voltage capabilities, as well as a neater and slightly smaller form factor that gives the unit a sleek aesthetic style – something that we didn’t expect to like as much as we do.

For more in-depth details on this new model, as well as the differences between this model and the Classic, check out the ANTCLABS Product Page, which includes a good amount of information on the features, as well as Wiring Assistance and installation procedures for the BLTouch Smart V3.0 2019 Edition, as well as previous models.


BLTouch Smart V3.0: 2019 Edition  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 4.8V to 5.1V DC

  • Logic Voltage

– 3.3V OR 5V DC (Optional)

  • Current Consumption

– 15mA Standby | 300mA Peak

  • Manufacturer


  • Official Markings

– Serial Number + QR Code located on PCB

  • Smart V3.0 Updates

– Optional Logic Voltage: 3.3V OR 5V

– 1.6mm Longer Pin Stroke

  • Enclosure Material

– Polycarbonate

  • Cable Length

– 150mm (±5mm)

  • Wiring Specifications: 3-Pin

– Brown = - / GND | Red = +5V | Orange = Signal

  • Wiring Specifications: 2-Pin

– Black = - / GND | White = ZMin


BLTouch Smart V3.0 Auto Bed Levelling Sensor  -  Operational Specifications:

  • Sensor Type

– Contact / Touch                                                      

  • Standard Deviation

– ≤0.01mm (3D Printer Dependant)

  • Repeated Accuracy

– ≤1%

  • Bed Material Compatibility

– Any Materials (Metal/Glass/PEI/etc)


Typical Applications for the BLTouch Smart V3.0 2019 Edition Auto Bed Levelling Sensor:

The BLTouch Smart V2.0 is an all-round great tool that makes bed levelling simple, easy and automatic with the right settings. This allows you more time to focus on other factors that affect print quality, without having to waste any time adjusting the bed level or calibrating the Z-height before each and every print.

And finally, just to sweeten the already-amazing deal that these sensors offer, there is a surprisingly large Google + Online Community that is always ready to help newcomers with a wealth of information, guides and insights for almost any 3D Printers on the market. There you will not only find other like-minded individuals who are eager to help, but also a range of different articles and collections of knowledge and experience for you to utilise, which is invaluable in an open-source industry such as 3D printing.


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