BLTouch 1m Extension Cable Expand

BLTouch 1m Extension Cable



This 1m long Extension Cable is stocked for the BLTouch bed levelling sensor, to extend the cable reach between the hotend and mainboard.

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The introduction of the BLTouch Sensor has certainly made big waves in the world of 3D printing, allowing the ability to integrate automatic bed levelling into almost any 3D printer on the market. However, the lengths of the cables included with these sensors don’t always accommodate all of the different models, and this can be particularly problematic for 3D Printers based on the RAMPS 1.4. Fortunately, this is why we stock the BLTouch 1m Extension Cable, which is essentially just a reach extender to ensure that the sensor can comfortably connect to the mainboard, without getting in the way of any moving parts.

This cable extender is a two-part cable, with one of the parts being the 3-pin Yellow/Orange/Brown cable for the servo connection, and the other part being the 2-pin Black/White cable for the End-Stop signal. Just remember that you may have to modify the cable slightly to accommodate some mainboards, and if you aren’t receiving the full 5V supply on your RAMPS 1.4 Board then you may also have to utilise a jumper cap like in the RAMPS wiring example below.


BLTouch 1m Extension Cable  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Cables

– 2 (1 x 3-pin / 1 x 2-pin)

  • Cable Colouring (3-Pin)

– Yellow / Red / Brown

  • Cable Colouring (2-Pin)

– Black / White

  • Cable Length (Both Cables)

– 1 meter

  • Motherboard Compatibility

– RAMPS1.3 / 1.4 / Mini-Rambo


– MKS-Gen V1.3 / MKS-Sbase


– MKS-Base V1.2 / V1.4


– Sanguinololu 1.3a / Melzi 


– Anet / FlashForge / Azteeg X3


– Smoothieboard / BBP1S / Alligator


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