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BLTouch Replacement Pin - Plastic




A plastic BLTouch Replacement Pin to keep your BLTouch in perfect working order for easy and effective automatic bed levelling.

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After starting out as a crowdfunded campaign on IndieGoGo, ANTCLABS has been accepted and integrated into the 3D Printing world with open arms by individuals, communities and even manufacturers like TEVO. This wasn’t just luck of the draw, however, as they have proven to be dedicated to providing the very best in terms of effective Bed Leveling Probes – with three different models already patented and stocked worldwide.

This is why we’re not surprised at all that they have even begun supplying spare parts like these plastic BLTouch Replacement Pins, which fit into the ends of BLTouch sensors and act as the probe that actually “feels” the bed to tell the sensor how far away an object (like a heatbed) is. These pins are plastic with a small internal metal pin situated at the back, similarly to the pins in BLTouch Smart V2.0 sensors, to avoid any potential electric or magnetic problems while still being controllable via magnetic solenoid techniques.


BLTouch Plastic Replacement Pin  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Pin Material

– Plastic with Metal Internal Pin                  

  • BLTouch Sensor Compatibility

– Classic / Smart V1.0 / Smart V2.0

  • Length

– 35mm


Typical Applications for these Plastic BLTouch Replacement Pins:

Despite the seemingly simple nature of these BLTouch Replacement Pins, they are specially made to accommodate the discrete and complicated inner working of BLTouch sensors, which means you can’t simply print your own versions without doing some serious research and enduring a fair amount of trial and error to perfect. Fortunately though, we have made sure to keep a good quantity of spares in stock, as we realised very quickly how necessary they were after we managed to break one of our own pins during rigorous stress-testing.

If you have a BLTouch Bed Leveling Probe and want to ensure that you will be prepared in case you somehow damage or lose your own pin, or if you want to replace the metal pin in one of the previous BLTouch Smart V1.0 sensors, this plastic BLTouch Replacement Pin is an affordable and effective investment.


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BLTouch Replacement Pin - Plastic

BLTouch Replacement Pin - Plastic

ANTCLABS is a fantastic brand that was founded by the relatively famous South Korean Maker known as Paris Kyung-yeon Lee, who has won multiple awards for her efforts in inventing, Making and other intellectual property related projects. And after seeing a massive gap in the 3D Printing industry for reliable bed levelling sensors, she took on the task of creating the ultimate sensor that not only measures with precision accuracy, but even gets out of the way when not in use, so as to prevent any negative effects on the print while offering optimal accuracy.

Since founding the ANTCLABS brand, the BLTouch sensor has received global recognition as being one of the best, most affordable bed levelling sensors for hobbyists. Additionally, even though the original BLTouch was excellent, Paris made the effort to improve the design even further, and now, three iterations later with the BLTouch V3.0, it not only offers the amazing value that it did originally, but also so much more with an improved pin material, better compatibility and an even simpler level of usability.