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Creality BLTouch V3.0 Auto Bed Levelling Sensor Kit – Bootloader Included

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This BLTouch V3.0 Sensor Kit is supplied by Creality, and includes everything you need to integrate auto bed leveling on your CR-10 & Ender series printers.

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As a 3D Maker, you’re probably well aware that ANTCLABS have been making waves in 3D Printing communities by offering both effective and easy bed levelling with their BLTouch Sensors, and over time they have slowly gained the reputation of being some of the best bed levelling sensors on the market – or at least when including sensors that fall within a hobbyist’s price range. However, with the initial two versions, there were a few minor problems that needed to be ironed out, and the sensor wouldn’t natively work on all Hobbyist 3D Printers.

Fortunately though, with the introduction of the Creality-specific BLTouch Sensor V3.0, this is about to change, and you too can soon have one of the most reliable (and most affordable) bed levelling sensors around, as Creality have brought out a customised BLTouch Auto Levelling Sensor Kit specifically for certain 3D Printers within the CR-10 Series and Ender Series. The Creality BLTouch Auto Levelling Sensor Kit comes as a neat little package that includes the sensor, as well as a USBISP Programmer with ISP adapter for conveniently connecting to the motherboard for updating the Firmware. This is complemented with a handy little printed guide that takes you through the entire installation process, and this guide even includes a QR code for downloading the necessary flashing software

In addition to an amazing sensor that Makers around the world love for its ease-of-use, this Creality BLTouch Auto Level Kit also includes a specialised mount that fits most of the Hotend Assemblies featured in the Creality CR-10 Series and Ender Series, with custom-made electronics adapter boards so you can simply install the breakout boards into their respective places and then connect up the BLTouch sensor with absolute convenience. Finally, and this may be a better factor than many will know, all of the cables have been cut to the length that the CR-10 Series and Ender Series need, with tiny cable ties to keep them neatly tucked out of the way – which offers both protection as well as nice aesthetics.

Please Note: This Creality-Specific BLTouch kit is not perfectly compatible with the more recent motherboards featured on the CR-10S Pro and later models, but if you are looking for a BLTouch for one of those machines, then take a look at the BLTouch V3.1 Sensor instead.


Creality BLTouch Auto Levelling Sensor Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier

Creality 3D

  • Manufacturer


  • BLTouch Version

– Smart V3.0 (Creality Specific Version)    

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

– Creality CR-10

Creality Ender 3 | Ender 3 V2

– Creality Ender 3X

Creality Ender 3 Pro / Silent Edition

Creality Ender 5 / Silent Edition

Creality Ender 5 Pro


Parts Included in the Creality BLTouch Auto Levelling Sensor Kit:

  • BLTouch Sensor

– Smart V3.0

  • AVR ISP Programmer

– 10 Pin Serial Programmer

  • Mounting Plate

– Black Metal Frame

  • BLTouch Adapter Board    

– Fits into Display Port on Motherboard

  • AVR ISP Adapter

– For Updating Firmware on Motherboard

  • BLTouch Cables

– Cut to Lengths for Creality 3D Printers

  • Small Cables Ties

– For Neat and Tidy Cable Management


Additional Resources:


Creality BLTouch V3.0 Guide

HWPHSPALBLTKIT BLTouch V3.0 Guide - Creality Specific

Download (454.85k)

Not Ender 3 V2 Friendly

The supplied bracket had to be cut to fit the Ender 3 V2 and then only has one screw holding it, unless you drill the extra hole yourself. The adapter board prevented the LCD from turning on if the 3pin connector was plugged in. Smith3D had the proper wiring instructions and firmware for this particular setup, which meant switching two pins on the 3pin connector. They provide a good setup video as well. Too expensive for this type of experience.


Worth having!

If you are as lazy as I am when it comes to levelling the base with each print.. this little unit will definitely assist.
Not the easiest system to install but once installed it helps a lot.

At times the bl touch has a bit of a hiccup which is easily resolved.

Simply heat the bed, once at the temp. hit the bed levelling.. once the bl touch is done.. you hit the print and off it goes..

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A nice kit, but...

The instructions is very straight forward, however I have followed it step by step but have issues:

- The ZSTOP wire on the instructions are white and black. But the BLTouch unit that was supplied, have a red and black wire

- Z axis penetrates my bed upon auto-home, and does not stop. According to some people online, the zstop wires needs to be inverted but it can't due to the connector on the motherboard only allows oneway.

I cannot get pass the auto-home on the instructions

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Great Upgrade!

Easy to install. Ran into a small snag, the red and black wires for the z axis endstop were incorrectly connected in the 2 pin connector. Removed the pins and switched it to the correct side. All is working great after that.

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Creality BLTouch V3.0 Auto Bed Levelling Sensor Kit – Bootloader Included

Creality BLTouch V3.0 Auto Bed Levelling Sensor Kit – Bootloader Included

ANTCLABS is a fantastic brand that was founded by the relatively famous South Korean Maker known as Paris Kyung-yeon Lee, who has won multiple awards for her efforts in inventing, Making and other intellectual property related projects. And after seeing a massive gap in the 3D Printing industry for reliable bed levelling sensors, she took on the task of creating the ultimate sensor that not only measures with precision accuracy, but even gets out of the way when not in use, so as to prevent any negative effects on the print while offering optimal accuracy.

Since founding the ANTCLABS brand, the BLTouch sensor has received global recognition as being one of the best, most affordable bed levelling sensors for hobbyists. Additionally, even though the original BLTouch was excellent, Paris made the effort to improve the design even further, and now, three iterations later with the BLTouch V3.0, it not only offers the amazing value that it did originally, but also so much more with an improved pin material, better compatibility and an even simpler level of usability.