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Linear Bearing Long - LM12LUU - 12mm ID, 21mm OD



This LM12LUU linear bearing offers low friction motion for 12mm shafts – Commonly used on 3D Printers and CNC machines for linear carriage systems.

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As kids, many of us enjoyed playing with LEGO, Meccano and other fun toys for building little “inventions”, but now that we are older, we understand that LEGO may not be the best choice for heavy-duty mechanical projects. This is why we love awesome Mechanical Components like these LM12LUU Long Linear Bearings, which offer a 12mm Inner Diameter and 21mm Outer Diameter, and are perfect for coupling or mounting mechanical parts on Linear Shafts – while allowing for ultra-low friction motion along the shaft.

These bearings are awesome for creating mechanical carriages to move tool-heads, making camera dollies for smooth and precise motion in videography, or even for building custom machinery that has precise, constrained and smooth linear motion for CNC purposes, amongst other projects, offering a rating of up to 657N for dynamic loads and up to 1200N for static loads. So if you’ve always dreamed of building your own CNC mill or router, or if you have other, grander plans for custom machinery, jigs or further applications, these 12mm ID Linear Bearings are a great choice, and are only made better when used alongside other Linear Motion Components.

Please Note: For optimal performance, use white lithium grease, tri-flow or 3 in 1 machine oil for lubrication. Do not use dry lubricants, PTFE-based greases, or thick high temp greases like wheel bearing grease. These might stop the bearing balls from rotating. Spray lubricants are also not recommended.


LM12LUU Long Linear Bearing  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model

– LM12LUU                                           

  • Number of Ball Rows

– 4

  • Dynamic Load Rating

– 657N

  • Static Load Rating

– 1200N

  • Inner Diameter

– 12mm

  • Outer Diameter

– 21mm

  • Length

– 57mm

  • Shaft Compatibility

– 12mm Linear Shaft

  • Weight

– 80g


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Linear Bearing Long - LM12LUU - 12mm ID, 21mm OD

Linear Bearing Long - LM12LUU - 12mm ID, 21mm OD