LMF12LUU Flanged Linear Bearing Expand

Flanged Linear Bearing Long - LMF12LUU - 12mm Diameter



This LMF12LUU flanged linear bearing provides low friction motion along a single axis 12mm shaft. Generally used on 3D printers for accurate Z-Axis gantry motion.

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If you are making a 3D printer or CNC machine requiring precise linear motion, this LMF12LUU flanged linear bearing can be used to attach a motion carriage onto a railing using a perpendicular flange for convenient mounting. It is intended to slide along a 12mm linear shaft rather than rotate around it, and provides less slop or friction when compared to bushings, resulting in less wear and smoother more precise motion. There are two rubber seals on either end to prevent debris or contamination of the ball bearings.

Flange mount linear bearings offer the same advantages over standard linear bearings while also incorporating a perpendicular flange for easy mounting. Two of these are generally used on the z-axis assembly of 3D printers, allowing secure fixing of the perpendicular bed to the four mounting holes on the flanged surface.

For optimal performance, use white lithium grease, tri-flow or 3 in 1 machine oil for lubrication. Do not use dry lubricants, PTFE-based greases, or thick high temp greases like wheel bearing grease. These might stop the bearing balls from rotating. Spray lubricants are also not recommended.

Technical Specifications



Number of Ball Rows


Dynamic Load Rating

830 N

Static Load Rating

1600 N

Inner Diameter


Outer Diameter





12mm Linear Shaft or Rail


90 g


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Flanged Linear Bearing Long  - LMF12LUU - 12mm Diameter

Flanged Linear Bearing Long - LMF12LUU - 12mm Diameter