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Linear Ball Bearing - LM8UU - 8mm Diameter



LM8UU Linear Ball Bearing with 8mm Inner Diameter for smooth, low-friction linear motion along smooth and straight rods – 8mm ID, 15mm OD, 24mm Long.

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These Linear Ball Bearings are LM8UU type Bearings with 8mm Inner Diameter, 15mm Outer Diameter and 24mm Length. They are ideal for applications in which parts or coupled components need to move along smooth and straight rods with precision accuracy, where friction can result in lowered accuracy, which of course leads to lowered process quality.

These bearings are best used in conjunction with our range of Linear Shafts, which are designed to be as smooth and straight as possible, and are capable of gliding along these rods with very low friction or wear and tear. This means that these parts are likely to last a long lifespan, typically outlasting the lifespan of other parts like the Hotend Assemblies and extruders.

Please Note: These units are priced individually, but have a minimum order quantity of 2. This is to help professionals and contractors in their pricing structures, while avoiding unnecessary shipping costs, so as to ensure the best possible price for each and every customer.


8mm Diameter LM8UU Linear Ball Bearing  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Bearing Type                                       


  • Inner Diameter

– 8mm

  • Outer Diameter

– 15mm

  • Length

– 24mm

  • Rod/Shaft Compatibility

– Our Entire 8mm Linear Shafts Category             


Typical Applications for LM8UU Linear Ball Bearings:

Some of the most common use cases for these LM8UU Linear Bearings is within 3D Printing Machines, CNC machines, and even robots to a certain extent. Within 3D Printing and CNC machines, they are used to help smooth the vertical movement of the gantry while maintaining X and Y positional accuracy. In robotics, these can be used within limbs so that the limbs can stretch without coming out of there sockets.


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Linear Ball Bearing - LM8UU - 8mm Diameter

Linear Ball Bearing - LM8UU - 8mm Diameter