Straight Stainless Steel Rod Diam: 8mm per M Expand

Straight Stainless Steel Rod Diam: 8mm per M



These 8mm Diameter 1m Long Straight Stainless Steel Rods are excellent linear motion components, stocked as linear rails for applications like 3D Printing.

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These Straight Stainless Steel Rods are 8mm in diameter and are sold in lengths of 1 meter, and are machined for the purpose of linear motion in mechanics. They offer smooth, straight guide rails for Linear Motion Components to travel along in applications like 3D Printing and CNC machines, and ensure that components can travel freely on one axis while staying precisely accurate on all other axes.

The rods are made from stainless steel, which helps to enhance its lifespan by reducing chances of rust, corrosion and other forms of damage or wear and tear. We also offer the extra benefit of cutting these rods up to two times according to your specifications, allowing you to get shafts of almost any length under 1 meter. We also stock other lengths of pre-cut Linear Shafts for specific applications or particular machines, but if you want a unique length of multiple varying lengths, these 1 meter rods cut to your specified sizes may be the preferred choice.


Cutting Options:

As with all of our meter-long Linear Shafts, we can cut them to your specifications within a ±1mm tolerance, allowing for up to two cuts to meet your needs. Just be sure to stipulate the lengths of cuts that you would like in the Order Notes.

(Bear in mind that the width of the cutting blade is 5mm, so each cut will essentially reduce the overall length by 5mm. E.g. One cut will result in two parts with a total length of 995mm, whereas two cuts will result three parts with a total length of 990mm.)

Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter

– 8mm

  • Max Length

– 1m (Cut up to two times)

  • Material

– Stainless Steel

  • Straightness Tolerance

– ±3mm per meter

  • Cutting Tolerance

– ±1mm


Typical Applications for the Straight Stainless Steel Rod Diam: 8mm Length: 1m:

These 8mm Diameter 1m Long Straight Stainless Steel Rods are an excellent choice for applications in which parts or components need to move accurately but smoothly along a single axis. They can be used in conjunction with other rods or shafts to allow for multiple axis movement, such as the movement of an extruder assembly along gantries or cross-bars on 3D Printers.

You may also want to check out our Leadscrews/Ballscrews section as well as our Threaded Rods category if you are looking for similar shafts and rods, although these alternatives are typically threaded like long screws, and are designed to move components along the axis as the rods turn, resulting in highly accurate movement with impressive holding power.

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Straight Stainless Steel Rod Diam: 8mm per M

Straight Stainless Steel Rod Diam: 8mm per M