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Industrial pH Sensor Probe - Industrial Grade

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This Industrial Grade pH Sensor Probe is armour-cased to ensure that it can withstand extended periods of use – ideal as a semi-permanent sensor.

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When working with pH levels, many Makers immediately think of swimming pools and aquariums, which are synonymous with pH level struggles and continuous work to get the pH just perfect, in order to avoid algae growth, or provide a more suitable environment for fish to thrive in. However, for these simpler applications, the common method of finding the pH level is to simply use a cheap pH tester from a hardware store, but if you really want to get advanced, then you need the help from a reliable and high quality pH sensor probe.

This Industrial Grade pH Sensor Probe is designed for extended use applications in industrial or other high-intensity environments, in which you need to constantly sense the pH levels of particular fluids over long spans of time. It is built to withstand the harsh treatments of extremely acidic and basic liquids, and is specially made to maintain an impressive level of precision even over days or months of use on-end. This makes it a great choice for applications such as measuring the pH level of fluids during transportation, throughout long experiments, within enclosed systems, or simply as a semi-permanent sensor for your pool or aquarium. Just remember though, that despite being industrial grade, this sensor probe can only handle temperatures ranging from 0° to +60°, although this is really the only limitation it has regarding its primary focus – making it a pretty darn great sensor for a wide range of pH sensing applications.

When used in conjunction with the pH Sensor Module V1.0 or V2.0, the output of this probe will be converted from the -414mV to +414mV range, up to a more user-friendly 0V to 5V range (or 0V to 3.3V), making it relatively easy to understand, and easy to utilise as a trigger, target or other workable variable within a complex system. This of course means that you could keep your pool, pond, aquarium or even bath at the perfect pH level, with your system adding salts, acids, bases or whatever else is necessary in order to maintain the ideal target you’ve designed your system for.

Please Note: This is only the probe for the pH Meter Module from DFRobot, and is stocked as an industrial-grade upgrade for the SEN0161 Lab-Grade pH Sensor, or as a replacement for the Industrial Grade Analog pH Sensor Kit. Additionally, because this is meant as a replacement of upgrade, it does not include the liquid buffer solutions for calibration, so be sure to keep the buffer solutions from previous kits to calibrate this probe as the accuracy slightly drifts over time.


Industrial Grade pH Sensor Probe  -  Technical Specifications:

  • pH Measuring Range

– 0 to 14

  • pH Measuring Accuracy

– ±0.02pH  ( @ 25°C )

  • Typical Response Time

– ±10 Seconds

  • Safe Temperature Ranges

– 0° to 60°C

  • Voltage Output at 7pH

– 0mV (Equipotential Point at Neutral pH)     

  • Voltage Output at 0pH

– 414mV (Or 5V via Module)

  • Voltage Output at 14pH

– -414mV (Or 0V via Module)

  • Typical Drift

– ±0.02pH/24Hours

  • Slope

– ≥95%

  • Cable Length

– 5m

  • Interfacing Connector


  • pH Sensor Kit Compatibility

Analog pH Sensor Pro Kit for Arduino

SEN0161 pH Sensor Kit V1.0

SEN0161 pH Sensor Kit V2.0

  • Dimensions

– 177mm Length | 27.4mm Diameter


Additional Resources:

  • This is a really handy DFRobot H-101 pH Electrode Wiki Page, which contains some useful information and insights regarding the probe, and what you can expect when using it for the first time.


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Industrial pH Sensor Probe - Industrial Grade

Industrial pH Sensor Probe - Industrial Grade

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