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Water Sensor Module



This clever Water Sensor Module uses variable resistance to measure water levels, as well as the size of drops and droplets within a system.

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This Water Sensor Module is a great little device that uses the conductivity of water to measure how wet the conductive lines are, and is capable of not only reading water level according to the resistance in the circuit, but can also measure the size of drops and droplets within a system.

The module is Arduino-compatible, and can easily be integrated into an Arduino Based project, which can help with water-refilling automation or simply provide important insights into how a system is working. In one example, Sensors like this could be installed into a container to measure how high the water level is by measuring the resistance of the circuit on the module. In another example, it could be installed into a pipe or even on a window-sill, where drops or droplets can land on the circuit and essentially short-circuit the resistance lanes.

Both of these examples use the same basic premise, which is a decrease in resistance as the water forms connections higher up on the high-resistance circuit. With your Arduino Board or Sensor Shield, you can then connect this up to other components to automatically refill a container, or even raise the blinds or similar rain-shielding.


Water Sensor Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC                                                                     

  • Working Current

– <20mA

  • Sensor Type

– Analog

  • Detection Area

– 40 x 16mm

  • Mounting Hole Size

– 3mm

  • Safe Operating Temperature

– 10°C to 30°C


Typical Applications for the Water Sensor Module:

This Arduino-compatible Water Sensor Module is a great choice for projects in which you need to monitor or measure the amount of water in a container, but can also be used to simply measure when water is present in areas like window-sills or within pipes. Using the natural conductivity of water and variable resistance over the circuit, it is capable of not only measuring water levels, but also the size of water droplets touching or passing by. This can be used in a range of different automation projects, or can simply offer extra insight into how a system works.

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Water Sensor Module

Water Sensor Module