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Load Cell Sensor - 50kg Single Point



These 50kg Single Point Load Cell Sensors are ideal for building your own scale, or for complex projects requiring precise strain sensing capabilities.

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If you’ve ever stood on a scale and wandered how the device measures weight, and furthermore how it accurately measures the same weight consistently no matter how many times you weigh yourself, then be sure to read on about this fantastic little 20kg Load Cell Sensor, which is capable of measuring strain by carefully monitoring the internal resistance of bonded wires as they bend with the metal, which can then be identified as Newton force or weight depending on the application.

These Strain Gauge Load Cell Sensors utilise a half-bridge structure with 1000Ω internal resistance, and offer excellent accuracy alone, but can also be used in conjunction with other Load Cell Sensors to create a Full-Bridge Assembly, which is precisely what many modern scales use nowadays. This allows you to measure not just a single point, but an entire platform, by using measurements from four sensors located on the corners, after which it averages out the readings amongst the multiple sensors to reveal consistently accurate measurements across the entire platform.


50kg Single Point Load Cell Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Load Cell Type

– Single Point Strain Gauge                                                

  • Sensing Capacity

– 50kg

  • Wheatstone Bridge Structure

– Half-Bridge

  • Internal Bridge Resistor

– 1000Ω

  • No. of Cable Leads

– 3

  • Recommended Interfacing Module

– HX711 Load Cell ADC Amplifier

  • Dimensions

– 35 x 35mm


Typical Applications for these 50kg Single Point Load Cell Sensors:

These 50kg Load Cell Sensors are an excellent choice for making your own weighing scale, and with four of these connected together, you can extend the maximum sensing capacity up to 200kg. This is done by utilising the Full-Bridge structure mentioned above, and then utilising an interface board like the HX711 Load Cell Interface Module to read all four measurements at the same time, and then average them out to identify the total weight being applied to the load cells.

However, building a simple scale is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the wide range of applications for these Sensors, so start thinking of cool, unique or perhaps even strange ways that you would use these sensors, and consider getting yourself a few of these, or some of the other Load Cell Sensors we stock, as each one offers a different sensing capacity, opening up even more possibilities for measuring extra-large or extremely tiny things too!


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Load Cell Sensor - 50kg Single Point

Load Cell Sensor - 50kg Single Point