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Neodymium N42 Magnets - Rectangular, 10x7x2mm



These rare-metal Rectangular Neodymium N42 Magnets are ideal for various applications due to their strong magnetic capabilities and small size.

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Within a workshop or DIY environment, magnets like these 4-packs of rectangular Neodymium N42 Magnets are great tools to have thanks to the wide range of different applications that they can be used for. Despite their small size of 10x7x2mm, these magnets are made from rare earth metals and are surprisingly powerful.

Within our own workshop, we utilise these magnets for our 3D Printer Enclosures, to keep the door closed and the heat contained within. However, they can also be used within an office space to hold documents against a white board to keep stationery hung out of the way. The truth is, though, that these can be used for almost any application you can imagine, as their simple nature ensures they are not confined to specific use cases.

From adding functionality to enclosures or cases, to adding some extra fun to toys or parts that you’re designing, these magnets offer a wide range of possibilities for anyone capable of using their imagination inventively.

Please Note: These magnets are priced individually but sold in minimum quantities of 4. This is done to reduce the overall cost for you, while making it easy to estimate exact pricings for each project.


Neodymium N42 Rectangular Magnets  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Magnet Composition

– Neodymium N42 (Nickel Plated)

  • Magnet Strength

– N42

  • Minimum Order Quantity

– 4

  • Magnet Shape

– Rectangular

  • Magnet Size

– 10 x 7mm

  • Magnet Thickness

– 2mm


Typical Applications for Neodymium N42 Rectangular Magnets:

These packs of 4 rare-earth-metal Neodymium N42 Rectangular Magnets are primarily stocked to be used for the door latches on our 3D Printer Enclosure Kits, although customers have reported using them for so many different applications we have lost count by now. From simple stationery or cutlery holders through to building home-made ball bearing cannons, these magnets can be used for almost any application that you can imagine.


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Neodymium N42 Magnets - Rectangular, 10x7x2mm

Neodymium N42 Magnets - Rectangular, 10x7x2mm