Neodymium Magnet Pack, 4 Pcs, Disk - Standing Stack Expand

Neodymium N42 Magnet Pack, 4 Pcs, Disk



This 4 Pack of Neodymium N42 Disk Magnets is a great choice if you need small, powerful magnets within your workshop, office or home – 5mm diameter.

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Magnets truly are a marvel to behold, even in our modern world, and this is especially so for magnets like these Neodymium N42 Magnets, which are made from rare earth metals and very powerful despite their tiny size. They are only 5mm in diameter and 3mm thick, but can hold over 500 grams in ideal circumstances when magnetised onto metal surfaces. This powerful hold is not only impressive, but also very useful in a wide range of applications.

Within an office environment, these magnets could hold documents or stationery on a wall or in a specific place. Within a home, they could be used to hold shopping lists on the fridge or even hang light clothes on a metal surface. Within a workshop, the potential is almost limitless, as these magnets could be used to hold doors or enclosures closed, stick blueprints or plans onto a metal surface, or even within various projects requiring temporary attachments.


Technical Specifications:

  • Magnet Composition

– Neodymium N42 (Rare Earth Metal)

  • Number of Magnets

– 4

  • Magnet Diameter

– 5mm

  • Magnet Thickness

– 3mm


Typical Applications for the Neodymium N42 Magnet Pack, 4 Pcs, Disk:

This pack of 4 Neodymium N42 Disk Magnets are a great investment as they can be used for so many different applications. Not only are they fantastic additions to a workshop, but they can also be very useful within an office or home as well. The benefits they offer, at a surprisingly low price, make them one of the best value-for-money products that we offer on our site. So consider adding some of these to your next order, and start thinking now about all of the different ways in which you can take advantage of their magnetic strength.

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