Neodymium N38 Magnets - Ring, 10x4x3mm - Cover Expand

Neodymium N38 Magnets - Ring, 10x4x3mm



These awesome little Neodymium N38 Ring Magnets are perfect for all kinds of hobbyist applications, from enclosure doors to simple snap circuits.

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When it comes to magnets, we can’t help marvel at the incredible number of different use cases that they are almost perfectly suited for, and when used in conjunction with a 3D Printer and various Electronics, the uses cases extend even further into some seriously unique and fun applications. This is why we love getting stock of new types and form factors of Magnets, such as these Neodymium N38 10x4x3mm Ring Magnets, because with each new type of magnet we get, the possibilities for using magnets in projects grows even more.

Although these magnets feature a 4mm hole in the centre, they are polarised axially from flat side to flat side. As such, these magnets are great for creating semi-permanent solenoids, hobbyist levitation experiments, jeweller trays, latches for doors and enclosure lids, or even for building unique toys like DIY magnetic dart guns or even full-scale magnetic trampolines – although these particular ring magnets may be a bit small for a trampoline.


Neodymium N38 Ring Magnets  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Magnet Composition

– Neodymium N38 (Nickel Plated)              

  • Magnet Strength

– N38

  • Minimum Order Quantity

– 1

  • Magnet Shape

– Ring

  • Outer Diameter

– 10mm

  • Inner Diameter

– 4mm

  • Thickness

– 3mm


Typical Applications for Neodymium N38 Ring Magnets:

Ring magnets are excellent tools that are most often used in Electronics like Disk-Based Hard Drives, audio equipment, Motors and generators, as well as a host of other hobbyist and industrial grade use cases. However, what we like most about ring magnets is that you can use them to create your own magnetic snap-circuits, by soldering leads onto washers and inserting the washers into the centre hole of the magnet. Then, when the Magnets attract towards each other, the washers get forced tightly together to close the circuit, making attachment and detachment of the circuit as easy as possible.


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