Voltage Meter Display, 2.7-30V, Blue LED, 2 Wire Expand

Voltage Meter Display, 2.7-30V, Blue LED, 2 Wire



This handy little Voltage Meter Display features a bright blue LED for easy visibility, and can measure voltages between 2.7V and 30V DC.

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If you deal with low voltage Electronics on a daily basis, and love to fiddle with circuitry and variable voltages in systems, then you will be delighted with these handy little voltage reader modules. These Voltage Meter Displays are capable of measuring 2.7V-30V via an inline 2 Wire format, with a bright Blue LED 7-segment display to ensure quick and easy readability.

These Modules are similar to our 3-Wire Voltage Reader Modules, but feature a 2-Wire format instead. The downside to this is that the 2-Wire format increases the minimum measurement range up to 2.7V instead of the 3-Wire 0.1V minimum, but can be integrated into existing projects or circuitry without requiring an additional power lane. This means that the 2-Wire format, while being slightly less functional, is quite a lot easier to use than the 3-Wire format, which of course makes it a preferred choice for Makers who don’t need Measurement Devices that can sense below 2.7V DC.


2.7-30V 2-Wire Voltage Meter Display  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input/Measuring Voltage

– 2.7 to 32V DC (Exceeding 32V will cause damage)

  • Sensing Type

– Inline Sensing

  • Display Type

– 3x7-Segment LED Display

  • Display Colour

– Blue

  • Measuring Accuracy

– ±0.1%

  • Refresh Rate

– ±300ms

  • Input Impedance

– ±100K

  • Safe Temperature Range

– -10° to +65°C

  • Wiring

– RED Wire : Power Supply + / Measure +

– BLACK Wire : Power Supply - / Measure -

  • Dimensions

– approx. 23 x 14 x 10mm


Typical Applications for these 2.7-30V, 2 Wire Voltage Meter Displays:

These handy little modules are an excellent solution to easily measuring the voltages running within components, circuits or systems, and are inline so that you can integrate them into projects in a more permanent fashion. This enables you to build your own sensing devices, or simply add the sensing functionality into an existing project, while also offering the extra benefit of not requiring an external or additional power source just to run the module.


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Voltage Meter Display, 2.7-30V, Blue LED, 2 Wire

Voltage Meter Display, 2.7-30V, Blue LED, 2 Wire