Dual Display Voltage and Current Meter - 100V 100A Expand

Dual Display 100V 100A Voltage & Current Meter



The Dual Display Voltage and Current Meter is ideal for quickly testing circuits, components and systems up to 100V and 100A.

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This 100V 100A Dual Display Voltage and Current Meter is a handy tool to have for any Electronics enthusiast, and is a valuable investment if you need to test parts and Components, or while Prototyping circuits and electronics projects. It is capable of measuring up to 100V and 100A, and includes an easily readable display with two colours, with red for the voltage and blue for the current.

The unit has a 300ms refresh rate with an impressive 0.1% voltage error and 1% current error. These features make it a reliable unit with high accuracy and quick response times, which consequently helps you keep your parts and components safe. The unit also has 4 different ranges to choose from when performing current Tests and Measurements. This allows you to get your current ratings to precision accuracy, as it can measure between 0 to 999mA, or can be changed for higher current applications to measure all the way up to 100A.

This module also comes installed with a built-in shunt, which many other units don’t include, ensuring that no matter what voltage or current you are testing, you don’t have to fiddle around or install an external shunt to enjoy accurate results.


Dual Display 100V 100A Voltage & Current Meter  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage Measurement Range           

– 0 to 100V

  • Current Test Range

– 0-999mA / 0-10A / 0-50A / 0-100A (4-Range Optional)

  • Power Supply Voltage

– 4.5V to 24V

  • Working Current

– <20mA

  • Voltage Error

– ±0.1%

  • Current Error

– ±1%

  • External Shunt Specifications

– 75mV

  • Refresh Rate

– 300mS

  • Display Method

– 2 by 3, 0.28 “7-Seg LED

  • Display Colour

– Red = V / Blue = A

  • Lead Length

– 15cm

  • Dimensions

– 48 x 29 x 22mm

  • Mounting Holes

– 46 x 27mm

  • Operating Temperatures

– -10°C to 65°C


Typical Applications for the Dual Display 100V 100A Voltage & Current Meter:

The Dual Display Voltage and Current Meter is a valuable tool for any electronics hobbyist, although the high voltage and current capabilities make it a worthwhile investment for anyone working with electrical systems or on electronics projects. One of the biggest problems that many students endure is that they often don’t have easy access to a high-accuracy measurement device, which usually means they have to acquire help to test and measure their projects. With this unit at hand, however, students can simply measure their systems themselves and prototype projects to a high standard without worrying about damaging or breaking the components within.


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