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I2C Digital Wattmeter from DFRobot

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This clever little I2C Digital Wattmeter is ideal for evaluating electronics circuits, logging power usage, and many other power sensing applications.

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Working with Electronics is often complicated, but this is all a part of the fun, and the very specific value requirements, limitations and sometimes odd additional values that you have to consider are all what make it so specialised and curiosity-inducing to begin with. This is what makes specialised Electronics Modules like the I2C Digital Wattmeter from DFRobot so great, as they allow you to read all of the fine details going on behind the scenes to ensure that your projects are receiving the power they need, or are behaving like they should and not drawing more power than they’re supposed to.

These I2C Digital Wattmeters are excellent additions to almost any hobbyist electronics project, and are capable of measuring the power draw of circuits of up to 26V and 8A. And in addition to simply displaying the watts produced or being drawn from various Batteries, standard circuit components, Solar Panels and other power storage, drain or supply units, it also offers Voltage/Current Sensing as well, allowing you to evaluate precisely what is happening at each point or on each circuit in your project.

Please Note: To ensure optimal precision of around 0.2% tolerance, it’s a good idea to perform a simple manual calibration before installing these Wattmeters into your projects.


I2C Digital Wattmeter from DFRobot  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Digital Power IC

– Texas Instruments INA219 

  • Input Voltage (VCC)

– 3.3V to 5.5V                                                                                      

  • Voltage Range (IN+ or IN- relative to GND)

– 0V to 26V

  • Voltage Resolution

– 4mV

  • Voltage Relative Error

– <±0.2% (Typical)

  • Current Range

– 0A to ±8A (Bidirectional Current)

  • Current Resolution

– 1mA

  • Current Relative Error

– <±0.2% (Typical: Manual Calibration Required)

  • Power Range

– 0W to 206W

  • Power Resolution

– 20mW (Hardware / 4mW (Software)

  • Quiescent Current

– 0.7mA

  • Interface

– Gravity I2C (logic level: 0 to 3.3V)

  • I2C Address

– Four Options: 0x40 | 0x41 | 0x44 | 0x45

  • Weight

– 4g

  • Dimensions

– 30 x 22mm


Typical Applications for these I2C Digital Wattmeters:

These fancy little Wattmeter Modules are supplied from one of our favourite brands, DFRobot, and are ideal for projects like solar circuits, battery-reliant projects, as well as Electronics Components or modules that need precise power despite a less-than-reliable supply. And while many people may argue that a multimeter is more than capable of performing this task, multimeters are expensive and designed to be used in short bursts, whereas these can be permanently integrated into projects to offer a “Live Feed” of sorts directly to your computer, Arduino board, or any other reader or display unit in order to keep a log of the readings or react accordingly as a problem arises.

So, whether you want to utilise these DFRobot Digital Wattmeters to keep your electronics protected, evaluate various parts of your circuit, or simply satiate that curiosity that you might have about the actual power usage of various components, modules or entire circuits, then get yourself one (or lots) today and start experimenting!


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It's a really nice device once I got it sort of working. I still couldn't read all the measurements.

It was really tricky finding a library that worked (and it still didn't work completely). The links DIYElectronics provide in the description gives a 404 and the other is for something completely different

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I2C Digital Wattmeter from DFRobot

I2C Digital Wattmeter from DFRobot

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