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FY6600 30MHz Dual Channel DDS Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator



The FY6600 is a 30MHz Waveform Generator that's packed with even more features than any single hobbyist could need – in a single desktop device.

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If you love to wrangle signals and waveforms, and utilise them for all of the complex but exciting Communications, audio, testing and measurement projects that you love working on, then you’re going to freak out when you see the incredible functionality and diverse capabilities of the FY6600 30MHz Dual Channel DDS Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

This little beauty is designed for hobbyists, but offers even more features than any single hobbyist could need, and is essentially a function waveform generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse signal generator, frequency sweeper, frequency counter and frequency meter – all packed into one compact desktop device. This makes it a great tool for almost anyone, as it can generate both predefined and custom user-defined waveforms, signals and frequencies, with Direct Digital Synthesis technology and a professional-grade 14-bit high-speed D/A chip instead of the classic 12-bit D/A resistor network that is commonly found on cheap waveform generators.

In terms of the Function Waveform Generation, the FY6600 is capable of producing Sine waveforms at up to 30MHz, square waveforms at up to 25MHz, and up to 10MHz on the 31 other predefined waveforms, including the semi-common Triangle/Ramp, Inverse Step, Half Wave and even ECG waveforms, to name just a few. Additionally, the Arbitrary Waveform Generation allows users to set another 64 custom-designed waveforms to reproduce whenever necessary, all at up to 10MHz, with internal storage so you can keep your favourites ready for when you need them.

Of course, the features and capabilities mentioned above only just scratch the surface of what the FY6600 Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator is capable of, and we encourage you to explore more insights and fleshed out details within the user manual, which can be found the Downloads section just above this description. For now, however, let’s just take a look at a brief rundown of the Technical, Waveform and Output Specifications of this fantastic machine.


FY6600 30MHz Waveform Generator  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Onboard Display

– 2.4” Colour TFT LCD

  • Interfacing Port

– USB to Serial

  • Interfacing Baud Rate

– 9600bps

  • Voltage Input

– 100V to 240V AC

  • Onboard Indicators

– Integrated Buzzer (ON/OFF Optional)

  • Onboard Controls (First Section)

– “WAVE” | “MEAS” | “Power”

– Select Waveform | Select Measure Mode | On/Off     

  • Onboard Controls (Second Section)

– F1 | F2 | F3 | F4 | F5

– These Buttons open up Sub-Menu’s on the Display

  • Onboard Controls (Third Section)


– These are Shortcuts to Key Features & Functions

  • Onboard Controls (Fourth Section)

– Rotational Knob | Left | Right

– Control Buttons for Easy Interface Operation

  • Display Modes

– Dual Channels Parameters

– Single Channel Extension

– Auxiliary Functions

– System Interface

  • Included Cables & Connectors

– 1 x USB A to USB B Cable

– 2 x BNC-Clip Cables

– 1 x BNC to BNC Cable

– 1 x Power Cable

  • Weight (Machine)

– 700g

  • Weight (Accessories)

– 150g

  • Weight (Entire Package)

– ±880g

  • Dimensions

– 200 x 190 x 90mm


FY6600 30MHz Waveform Generator  -  Waveform Generation Characteristics:

  • Predefined Waveforms/Signals

– Sine | Square | Pulse | Triangle/Ramp

– Sawtooth Wave | CMOS | Four Channel TTL | DC

– Half Wave | Full Wave | Positive Step | Inverse Step                  

– Positive Exponent | Inverse Exponent | Lorenz Pulse

– Multitone | Noise | Gauss White Noise | ECG

– Trapezoidal Pulse | Sinc Pulse | Narrow Pulse

– AM | FM

  • No. of User-Defined Arbitrary Waveforms

– Up to 64

  • Waveform Length

– 8192 Dots * 14bit

  • Sampling Rate

– 250MSa/s

  • Vertical Resolution

– 14 bits

  • Waveform Output Impedance

– 50Ω ±10%


Typical Applications for the FY6600 30MHz DDS Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator:

Although the FY6600 30MHz Dual Channel DDS Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator may not be the most advanced unit on the market, and certainly doesn’t quite compare to the ridiculously high-priced “laboratory-grade” generators that one could buy after winning the lottery, we have been blown away by the incredible functionality and capabilities of the FY6600 – especially for such a low price! This means that almost anyone can now get involved in waveform, signal and pulse generation without having to invest as much as an entire month’s salary just for a basic setup, and instead you can start experimenting and playing around with waveforms, HAM radio and many other exciting curiosity-consuming hobbies.

However, because of the wide capabilities, it’s quite tough to single out just one application in which this unit thrives, and realistically each user will have one or many specific use cases that they have in mind, or possibly even have planned, for the FY6600. With that being said though, many users have reported success in using this unit to test, align and calibrate other bench tools, while others even using this inexpensive little waveform generator for creating 3D oscilloscope music, as well as many other unexpected applications as well. So, if you’ve always been eager to get involved in waveforms, but have always been dissuaded by the typical high prices, or if you just want an extra tool to assist in your adventures through frequency, waveform and pulse generation, the FY6600 is an excellent tool that will only serve to impress.


Additional Resources:

  • For more in-depth information regarding the functionality and features of this unit, be sure to take a look at the official FeelTech FY6600 Signal Generator page, which also offers resource downloads toward the bottom of the page, labelled “Annex:”.
  • This is an online FeelTech FY6600 User Manual, offering a full rundown of every feature and function of the unit. Alternatively, you can download an offline version in the download section above the description on this page.


9TDDSAFWG - FY6600 User Manual

9TDDSAFWG - FY6600 User Manual PDF

Download (5.74M)

9TDDSAFWG - FY6600 User Manual

9TDDSAFWG - FY6600 User Manual Word Document

Download (6.51M)

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FY6600 30MHz Dual Channel DDS Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

FY6600 30MHz Dual Channel DDS Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator