16GB Micro SD Card - Class 10 Expand

16GB Micro SD Card - Class 10



This 16GB Micro SD Card is a Class 10 card made by ADATA, designed to deliver high speeds for effective multimedia recording and playback.

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This 16GB Micro SD Card is a Class 10 card from ADATA, designed to deliver high speed data transfer for quality multimedia recording and playback. This makes it a great choice for 3D Printing files, especially if they are high resolution, as the high speed capabilities make it faster to transfer files onto the card, while allowing for 3D Printers to read and utilise the data at a quicker rate. And while the data transfer speeds are not usually important for printing, it can make a difference for files with very high resolution.

These cards are manufactured by ADATA, one of the leading suppliers of Memory Cards, which ensures that it is high quality with a reliably long lifespan. It is made to meet all of the specifications and standards of SDA 3.0, UHS-I and Class 10 classifications, with sequential read speeds of up to 50MB/second. They also employ Error-Code Correction for times in which data gets corrupted through minor faults, with impressive heat, cold and even x-ray resistance – making them not only effective for high speed, reliable data transfer, but also surprisingly resilient to many different forms of damage.


16GB Class 10 Micro SD Card  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity

– 16GB

  • Standard

– SDA 3.0

  • Sequential Read/Write Speed

– 50MB/10MB per second

  • Speed Class

– Class 10

  • UHS Speed

– Class 1

  • Certifications


  • Dimensions

– 15 x 11 x 1mm


Typical Applications for the 16GB Micro SD Card - Class 10:

The ADATA Class 10 16GB Micro SD Card is an excellent choice for almost any application, from high definition photography to simple data transfer, and comes at a low price compared to many of the other Class 10 memory cards on the market. It is reliable, rugged and impressively fast, and is the perfect solution if you are wanting to use your 3D printer to produce extremely high resolution models. It features a sequential read speed of around 50MB per second and writing speed of up to 10MB per second. This means you will seldom have to sit for longer than one or two minutes for the files to copy over, allowing you more time to design, print and produce fantastic 3D Printed models, tools, toys or other objects.


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