New 64GB Micro SD Card - Kingston | Class 10 | UHS-1 | V10 - Cover Expand

64GB Micro SD Card - Kingston | Class 10 | UHS-1 | V10



These Kingston 64GB SD Cards offer V10 class capabilities, making them excellent for photography and other image or video based applications.

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Although most people seldom think about precisely what they’re getting when buying a new memory card for smart devices and other electronics, the world of Memory Cards is actually quite diverse, with specialised cards offering unique capabilities to provide benefits for various different applications. And while some cards are specially designed for high speed data transfers, others are designed for high speed application processing, while others still are made specifically for video and image capturing, with these Kingston 64GB SD Cards being a part of that final category.

These handy micro SD Cards are a part of the Kingston SDS2 Range, which specifically caters to video and audio, being capable of up to 4K resolution capturing at impressively high speeds. It offers the classic Class 10 Standard speed, a UHS-I Class 1 high speed, and a V10 rating for video and image capturing, and these features all assist toward making your life as easy and efficient as possible. This results in minimum sequential read and write speeds of as high as 100MB/s and 10MB/s respectively, and translates to fast image capturing without any unnecessary time wasted between photos, as well as lag and stutter free video capturing even at HD resolutions.

Finally, in terms of functionality, these SD Cards are SDHC variants, designed for high speeds with moderate capacity, offering 64GB of space for you to utilise in whatever way you see fit. Alternatively, if you’re looking for smaller cards, we do also offer these specialised video capturing cards in both 16GB SDHC Card style, as well as in 32GB SDXC Card style, so that you can get the ideal size you need for whatever your project requires.


64GB Kingston SDS2 Canvas Select Plus SD Card  -  Technical Specifications:

  • SD Card Type

– SDXC | Canvas Select Plus - SDS2                        

  • Storage Capacity

– 64GB

  • Sequential Read/Write Speed

– 100MB/s | 10MB/s

  • Pre-Flashed Operating System

– N/A

  • Manufacturer

– Kingston

  • Speed Class

– 10

  • UHS Class

– 1

  • Video Capturing Class

– V10

  • Format

– exFAT

  • Included Extras

– SD to Micro SD Adapter

  • Dimensions

– 15 x 11 x 1mm


Typical Applications for Kingston SDS2 Canvas Select Plus SD Cards:

While most of the Memory Card Modules we sell relate to electronics, fast data speeds and application-specific A-Class speeds, these Kingston SDS2 Canvas Select Plus SD Cards are made specifically to cater to photography and other graphical applications. This is achieved with specialised memory meant for specifically for video and image capturing, which is further complemented by the impressive 100MB/s minimum sequential read speed, and this allows photographers to enjoy rapid point and shoot action without waiting any time in between shots. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to use these only for photography and image applications, however, and as a Maker, you can choose to utilise these high speeds for whatever application your next project requires.


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