256GB Micro SD Card - Netac | Class 10 | UHS-3 | V30 - Cover Expand

256GB Micro SD Card - Netac | Class 10 | UHS-3 | V30



These Netac 256GB Micro SD Cards offer high speed, high fidelity data capturing and transfer capabilities – Rated V30 for reliable video capturing.

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As Makers in a very electronic and digital world, we often find ourselves in need of tools and modules that can assist with storing digital information and various forms of data. From the videos we take on our mobile devices to the logged data we collect on little sensor projects, we tend to use data in almost all areas on life nowadays, and that’s why we always strive to provide great Memory Modules like these Netac 256GB Micro SD Cards. These Micro SDXC cards are designed to a very high capacity rating, and can hold a quarter of a Terabyte of data for all kinds of applications and use cases. This allows you to really take advantage of the awesome digital world we live in, and capture all of the important data you need, from videos to images and even mobile applications or tools on mobile devices, and keep them safely stored for later use or to distribute to people or your projects on-demand, and with reliably quick transfer speeds.

While we often like to choose memory card suppliers that really stand out from the crowd with great quality designs and features, we’ve recently found an awesome brand that really does live up to the high quality standard that has been set by major players in the industry. This, however, is not too surprising, as Netac have been performing OEM work for many years now, and it’s quite likely that, despite being a relatively unknown name in the space, you may have already used one or many memory modules created by them and rebranded for other companies. And while we usually like to stick to the firm favourites in the industry, we feel that the quality and price that Netac offers is simply too good to pass by for avid Makers like ourselves – and of course, we want to share this great brand with you too!

When comparing these cool new Memory Cards to many of the popular brands like Kingston, ADATA and SanDisk, we’ve been quite impressed at just how good this lesser known brand is, offering many of the key features that give popular cards their high price tags – but of course without the expensive name-brand price tag. This has made them one of our new favourites in the world of Memory Modules, as they are ready to deliver the same excellent you expect from major brands, but at a competitive price that’s perfect for hobbyists and Electronics enthusiasts. These features, along with great durability, resistance to water damage, and shock resistance up to 500G, there is simply no excuse not to give these awesome new cards a try. 


Netac P500 PRO 256GB Micro SD Card  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity

– 256GB                                                                                

  • Min. Sequential Read/Write Speed

– 100MB/s | 40MB/s

  • Speed Class

– Class 10

  • UHS Speed

– Class 3

  • Manufacturer

– Netac

  • Video Capturing Class

– V30

  • Dimensions

– 15 x 11 x 1mm


Typical Applications for Netac P500 PRO 256GB Micro SD Cards:

Although Memory Card Modules are quite diverse in their functionality, with users being able to use various different cards for all kinds of applications, a lot of cards are designed with a core focus towards specific applications, such as running high intensity applications, recording and streaming video, or for high storage capacities. These cards, however, are designed with a little bit of everything, offering great qualities for all kinds of use cases. Of course, this does mean that these cards don’t necessarily specialise in anything particular, although even despite the lack of focus toward a specific use case, these cards are pretty darn good at everything they do, offering Class 10, UHS-I Class 3, Class V30 and even an A1 Rating for whatever different uses you need it for.


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256GB Micro SD Card - Netac | Class 10 | UHS-3 | V30

256GB Micro SD Card - Netac | Class 10 | UHS-3 | V30