Monocure 3D Rapid FLEX100 Resin - Clear 0.5 Litre - Cover Expand

Monocure 3D Rapid FLEX100 Resin - Clear 0.5 Litre

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Say goodbye to the classic brittle prints of DLP, and hello to Flexibility & Durability with the exciting new Monocure Rapid FLEX100 Clear 3D Resin!

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It’s time to get Flexy with your DLP Printer, with the exciting Monocure 3DRapid FLEX100 Resin!

If you thought that flexibles were reserved only for FDM Printers, then boy are you going to be pleasantly surprised by this fantastic flexible resin from Monocure, which is non-coloured and transparent, and can be mixed with other Rapid Resins in order to create coloured, variable-flexibility solutions for you to print robot wheels, phone covers, jewellery, hinges, or almost any other prints that could typically benefit from extra bend capabilities.

Although this polymer is more expensive than standard Rapid Resins, the extremely unique benefit that this polymer offers is certainly worth the extra cost. However, with that being said, our friend Charlie from Monocure is quite the hobbyist himself, and he understands how important the price factor is for each and every part. This is why Monocure have created a polymer that can be mixed with other resins in the Rapid Resin range, in order to achieve two distinct benefits; the first of which is an obvious cost savings compared to committing to entire flex prints, with the second major benefit being that you can choose the precise colour and flexibility rating that you want.

This polymer-blending style that Monocure have gone for allows DLP enthusiasts and Makers like yourself to get whatever Rapid Resin colours you want, and then blend in the flexibility to suit whatever your print or project needs. As such, if you want your prints to be extremely flexible, you may want to try a ratio of 90:10, with 90% of the blend being comprised of FLEX100 and the remaining 10% of Rapid Resin, so as to add some colour and save a little bit on costs. Alternatively, if you want the colour to be aesthetically striking, but still want your prints to be robust and durable, then you may want to choose a 75:25 ratio, with the 75% being comprised of colour Rapid Resin and the remaining 25% being a slight amount of FLEX100 in order to reduce the brittleness and add some bounce.


Monocure Rapid FLEX100 Clear 3D Resin  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand


  • Resin Range

Rapid FLEX100

  • Colour

– Clear

  • Transparency

– ±97%

  • Volume

– 0.5 litre

  • UV Reactivity Range

– 225 to 420nm (Ultraviolet to Purple)

  • Relative Density

– 1.12 @ 20°C

  • Resin Viscosity

– 30 to 50 cps @ 25°C

  • Cured Resin Shore A Hardness

– 50

  • Expected Shrinkage

– ±0.5%

  • pH Level

– 6.5

  • Suggested Washing Liquid

– Isopropyl Alcohol / ResinAway


Typical Applications for Monocure 3D Rapid FLEX100 Resin:

With Flexible DLP Printing being somewhat new to the Maker scene, we been thoroughly enjoying the capabilities and uniqueness that this Monocure 3D Clear Rapid Flex Resin offers. And so far, although we haven’t been exhaustive in our tests and trials, we have been quite impressed at its ability to be printed into sealing gaskets, robot wheels and other parts that would typically be subject to reasonably high mechanical stresses. And while it did take a few tries to get print to the perfect blend of standard resin and flexibility, each time we find a new “sweet spot” blend, our imaginations can’t help but consider all of the amazing possibilities for flexible resins.


Additional Resources:

Choosing the right UV Sensitive Resins to utilise for your DLP printer may seem tricky at first glance, but we’ve taken the time to simplify this niche area for you so that you don’t need to concern yourself over which resins may be compatible or not. This is because we’ve taken it upon ourselves to test a wide range of different resins and other consumables on the 3D Printers that we stock, ensuring that you can simply get everything you need from one place, without having to research and source your supplies from obscure stockists online.


Monocure Resin Guide

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PCRMONRFC0.5L - Material Safety Datasheet

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Monocure 3D Rapid FLEX100 Resin - Clear 0.5 Litre

Monocure 3D Rapid FLEX100 Resin - Clear 0.5 Litre

Within the world of SLA and DLP Printing, there are few brands who can truly stand out from the crowd with quality 3D Resins, and amongst these brands, the choice of colours, polymers and other unique characteristics are extremely limited. That was true, at least until we found Monocure, who are arguably the most impressive 3D Resin brand in the world.

Formed by chemists with a real passion for liquid polymers and UV-sensitive “plastics”, these resins have been designed, refined and perfected over the past few years to provide hobbyists and desktop fabricators with top quality resins that are not only effective, but also diverse in the ranges of different colours, types of polymers, and intended use cases.