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Monocure IncredaFILL – 350g Fast UV Cured Filler Paste

Monocure Monocure



Monocure IncredaFILL utilises fast UV curing technology to work post-processing magic by smoothing FDM prints or repairing SLA prints, ideal for cosplay and art.

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Once you see layer lines streaking over the nose of your otherwise perfect epic dragon model, they are impossible to unsee. As Makers, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the post-processing of our 3D Prints to look smooth and more stunning than ever before. Although FDM printing gives the most mischief by constantly playing hopscotch lines over 3D models, SLA & DLP printing is also not blameless. Whether using 3D Filament or 3D Resin, the slow layer-by-layer 3D Printing process inevitably results in tiny seams where each layer bonds together. Usually, Makers will need to painfully sand down all these layer lines, but this Monocure IncredaFILL uses fast UV curing resin technology to coat your 3D model will a filler paste that makes sanding so much easier and finishes your 3D model as if it were a hand-sculpted piece.

Monocure IncredaFILL is exactly what you need to get started with taking your post-processing to the next level. This 350g container of IncredaFILL is the perfect refill for your Monocure IncredaFILL Starter Kit which also provides the tools you need to get started such as a UV LED torch and safety glasses. If you are an experienced Maker looking for a new way to smooth your 3D prints, then Monocure IncredaFILL won’t disappoint. The smoothing effect of Monocure IncredaFILL is designed to provide a perfect foundation for sanding and painting. You can turn prints from your everyday 3D Printer into art, movie-grade prop pieces, and realistic cosplay! This filler paste is also useful for repairing functional parts, offering an impressive 51 MPa tensile strength and 94.5 shore D hardness once cured. Other than 3D plastics, Monocure also claims IncredaFILL works wonders for glass and metal surfaces, widening its application as a repair substance.

It is recommended to apply Monocure IncredaFILL in thin even layers, which will make curing easier. Using gloved hands, you can spread into the small crevasses of your 3D Model. We highly recommend taking safety measures seriously as this is still a toxic resin that you should be careful not to touch your skin or breathe in fibres when sanding. Use safety glasses for protection against UV light which will be harmful to your eyes. With these small mindful steps, you can enjoy fast curing your filler paste within 15 seconds under a UV LED Torch or direct sunlight. For the regular 3D Resin Makers, a UV Curing Station like Creality’s will also do just the trick. Once cured, you can use Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) or ResinAway to wash any excess bumps off the surface. Monocure IncredaFILL also speeds up your post-processing far more than needing to sand all layer lines. After a light sanding, you can get to the fun part of priming and painting, quickly.

Please Note: This Monocure IncredaFILL product arrives in a 350g container with no additional equipment such as a UV LED Torch or safety glasses. If you do not have these tools yet, we suggest having a look at our Monocure IncredaFILL Starter Kit which will equip you to get started right away.


Monocure IncredaFILL - Technical Specifications:

  • Brand


  • Volume

– 350g

  • Colour

– Semi-Transparent Grey

  • Viscosity

– 70 000cps

  • UV Cure

– 395 to 405nm

  • Cure Speed

– 15 seconds with UV LED Torch

  • Cross-Sectional Area (mm2)


  • Max Force (kN)


  • Tensile Strength (MPa)

– 51

  • Percentage Elongation at Break

– 2.5

  • Hardness (Shore D)

– 94.5

  • Temp. Resistance (°C)

– -20 to 60

  • Storage

– Store in a dark, cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • Suggested Washing Liquid

– Isopropyl Alcohol / ResinAway

  • Container

– PET UV safe black screw-top container


Typical Applications for Monocure IncredaFILL:

Monocure IncredaFILL is designed to ready your FDM or SLA models with a smooth surface for priming and painting by filling in layer lines. Many Makers have created stunning 3D Printed art pieces, movie-grade prop pieces and realistic cosplay using IncredaFILL and their incredible art skills. However, other more engineer minded Makers can also see the opportunities for various applications. Monocure IncredaFILL is great at adhering to plastic, glass and even metal, then curing rock solid with high strength and durability. Besides being used to repair damaged figurines, Monocure IncredaFILL is a great solution for repairing broken functional parts as well, in a record time.


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If you are interested in seeing Monocure IncredaFILL in action, check out this video from Teaching Tech showcasing its abilities even with very minimal sanding:

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Monocure IncredaFILL – 350g Fast UV Cured Filler Paste

Monocure IncredaFILL – 350g Fast UV Cured Filler Paste

Within the world of SLA and DLP Printing, there are few brands who can truly stand out from the crowd with quality 3D Resins, and amongst these brands, the choice of colours, polymers and other unique characteristics are extremely limited. That was true, at least until we found Monocure, who are arguably the most impressive 3D Resin brand in the world.

Formed by chemists with a real passion for liquid polymers and UV-sensitive “plastics”, these resins have been designed, refined and perfected over the past few years to provide hobbyists and desktop fabricators with top quality resins that are not only effective, but also diverse in the ranges of different colours, types of polymers, and intended use cases.