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Monocure 3D Procelene Dental Resin – Almond 1 Litre

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Monocure 3D Procelene Dental Resin is specialised to prioritise high accuracy and hardness with opaque colour for functional and fast dental model processing.

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Digital dentistry is a great example of the incredible potential of 3D Printing technology. Using DLP & SLA printing, dentists have the chance to process in-depth scans of patients into a 3D file to print a highly accurate diagnostic model. This means a significant upgrade for the industry in not just cost but also time. Whereas traditional models for crafting crowns or bridges for example would take one to several weeks at a special lab, a dentist with a 3D Printer and a Dental Resin like Monocure 3D Procelene Almond can produce prototypes right in their offices to test with high detailed teeth models within just a few hours.

Since we are talking about healthcare for a human being’s teeth here, it is a relief to know Monocure has done extensive research into the exact and unique properties needed in effective 3D Dental Resins. Unlike Standard Model 3D Resins, 3D dental resins have a greater consideration towards colour, viscosity, hardness, accuracy, heat resistance, and no warping or shrinking. Nothing can detract or cause the model to deform at any point which will result in inaccurate dental care. There must be a delicate balance between a rapid print time and proper colour distribution for micron-level accuracy that most 3D Resins do not account for. This is why Monocure 3D Porcelene Dental Resin is so entuned for no flex or shrinkage with an incredible 80+ shore D hardness and opaque natural almond colour for a matte surface finish that shows every detail.

While most dental resins are only usable with certain 3D Printing machines, Monocure 3D Procelene Dental Resin is compatible with most DLP & SLA 3D Printers, making it more widely assessable. Smaller practices with reliable hobbyists 3D Printers like the Creality Halot One have a great opportunity to join in the future of Dentistry thanks to Monocure’s forward-thinking.

If you’re looking for quality resin from Monocure with various colours for more casual Maker prints and projects, check out our Monocure Resins category for all of the colours that we have in stock.


Important! Please Note: Monocure 3D Dental model resin is not approved for intraoral use. This 3D Procelene Dental Resin is intended for use as diagnostic, implant & orthodontic models, or crown & bridge prototypes.

Monocure 3D Procelene Dental Resin - Technical Specifications:

  • Brand


  • Resin Range

– Procelene Dental Resin

  • Colour

– Almond

  • Volume

– 1 litre

  • UV Reactivity Range

– 225 to 420nm (Ultraviolet to Purple)                        

  • Resin Viscosity

– 200cps @ 25°C

  • Cured Resin Shore D Hardness

– 80

  • Expected Shrinkage

– None

  • Cure Speed

– 1.5 to 7 seconds per layer with UV 405um

  • Suggested Washing Liquid

– Isopropyl Alcohol / ResinAway

Additional Resources:

As a final note, if you are new to 3D Resin printing, or are just looking for great insights and tips on some best practices, check out the attached “Monocure Resin Guide” in the downloads section above, which you can even download and keep for later use too. Furthermore, the following are some handy resources to give you extra details for Monocure 3D Resins:

  • This is the Monocure Datasheets Page, which has handy documents that may be useful to you.
  • Next up is the Monocure Cheat Sheets Page, where they hide all the juicy hints and tips on using Monocure Resins with some popular DLP Printers.
  • If you’re unsure of what 3D Resins are compatible with your 3D Printer, this Resin Compatibility Page is mighty helpful in helping users match the right resin to the right 3D Printer.
  • It’s always a good idea to check out this “Monocure Pro Tips Videos” collection, which covers all kinds of topics from help with handling resin, through to changing FEP Film and Post Processing prints.
  • Finally, if you are looking to learn more about the nuances and unique applications of 3D Printing in the Dentist Industry, we suggest this handy Dental 3D Printing Materials Guide from SprintRay.

Monocure Resin Guide

Monocure Beginner's Guide to Using 3D Resins

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Monocure 3D Procelene Dental Resin – Almond 1 Litre

Monocure 3D Procelene Dental Resin – Almond 1 Litre

Within the world of SLA and DLP Printing, there are few brands who can truly stand out from the crowd with quality 3D Resins, and amongst these brands, the choice of colours, polymers and other unique characteristics are extremely limited. That was true, at least until we found Monocure, who are arguably the most impressive 3D Resin brand in the world.

Formed by chemists with a real passion for liquid polymers and UV-sensitive “plastics”, these resins have been designed, refined and perfected over the past few years to provide hobbyists and desktop fabricators with top quality resins that are not only effective, but also diverse in the ranges of different colours, types of polymers, and intended use cases.