PIR Motion Sensor Switch - 12V 6A / 24V 5A - Cover Expand

PIR Motion Sensor Switch - 12V / 24V



This non-contact PIR Motion Sensor Switch allows you to turn your electronics on with the force, and uses Infrared Proximity to detect nearby motion.

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As we move into a more modernised era, we’re quickly finding that touch-controls are becoming a thing of the past, and non-contact controls have finally become affordable enough to simply replace old Buttons & Switches to create completely non-contact solutions. And while many of us immediately think of the benefits that this kind of operation can offer for hygiene in bathrooms and similar environments, there’s absolutely reason why you can’t incorporate it into your everyday projects.

This PIR Motion Sensor Switch is the perfect tool to remove the need for contact switches, and conveniently operates on either 12V or 24V at a current of up to 6A, allowing you to turn on a wide range of different Electronics and appliances by simply waving your hand! This makes it a great solution for automated lighting, gesture-based control interfaces, as well as simple non-contact relay-like switching all while using the relatively simple property of reflecting infrared light for reasonably high sensing precision.

This PIR Motion Switch operates on either 12V or 24V, and as such needs an input of EITHER 10.5V to 16V OR 21V to 32V input. It features a sensing distance of up to 8 meters and a sensing angle of 60°, with an onboard adjustable delay of between 1 and 10 seconds via a handy potentiometer on the side.

Please Note: When installing this PIR Motion Switch, it’s vital that you first connect the load, and then follow that up by connecting the power supply. This will help avoid any unnecessary damage or electrical mishaps.


12V / 24V PIR Motion Sensor Switch  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage (Option 1)

– 10.5V to 16V DC                                            

  • Input Voltage (Option 2)

– 10.5V to 16V DC

  • Output Voltage (Option 1)

– 21V to 32V DC

  • Output Voltage (Option 2)

– 21V to 32V DC

  • Max Switching Current

– 6A

  • Sensing Distance

– 8m

  • Sensing Angle

– 60°

  • Delay Time (Adjustable)

– 1 to 10 Seconds

  • Ideal Sensing Direction

– Left to Right / Right to Left

  • Sensing Style

– Infrared: Proximity

  • Dimensions

– 76 x 45 x 32mm


Typical Applications for this 12V/24V PIR Motion Sensor Switch:

This PIR Motion Sensor Switch is a very handy tool for any environment in which hygiene is important, such as in bathrooms as well as locations like workshops, in which users don’t want to touch any switches with potentially dirty or greasy hands. However, as an end user, you can use this for any typical switching application from LED Strips to desktop lamps or even your toaster if the control mechanism operate on around 12V or 24V DC. In fact, we simply love the idea of turning things on “With The Force”, making it a great tool for almost any switching application, with the only real limitation being the voltages and maximum current to keep you from integrating this switch into pretty much any project in which it can offer value.


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