Brushed DC Motor - 3V to 6V - Cover Expand

Brushed DC Motor - 3V to 6V



If you’re looking for a basic Brushed DC Motor for hobbyist applications, this 3V to 6V motor is the ideal, and affordable, little tool for the job!

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Motors are certainly amazing tools, capable of making this spin, move quickly or even defy natural forces like gravity, and are incredibly useful tools in Electronics, allowing for a wide range of different application relating to motion, torque, rotation and a few other use cases too.

This little 3V to 6V Brushed DC Motor is quite basic in nature, featuring no gearbox in order to save on unnecessary costs. This results in a fantastic little motor with an enticingly low price tag, allowing Makers to experiment, damage or even blow these DC Motors up without having to be too concerned about the total cost during Prototyping or just raw, unadulterated electronics fun.


3V to 6V Brushed DC Motor   -  Technical Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage                             

– 3V to 6V DC

  • Shaft Diameter

– 2mm

  • Shaft Length

– 9mm

  • Body Size

– 25 x 15 x 20mm

  • Included Connector

– PreSoldered Wire with XH2.54-2P Connector

  • Wire Length

– 10cm


Typical Applications for 3V to 6V Brushed DC Motor:

Motors are amazing tools that can be used for an incredibly diverse range of applications, with this small Brushed DC Motor particularly good for hobbyist use cases. Offering a relatively wide voltage range of 3V to 6V DC, this motor can easily be used in conjunction with 3.3V and 5V Arduino Boards and other Dev’ Platforms without having to worry about stepping the voltage up or down to match the motor.

As such, this motor can even be moved from project to project as you see fit, and you could even choose to make a snap-fit connector so that you can “unplug” the motor from a device like a small fan, and plug it directly into another device like a DIY magnetic coffee stirrer without having to worry about complex connections. Alternatively, especially since the cost of these Motors are very affordable and hobbyist-friendly, you can simply get a brand new motor for each application you need it for, possibly even using two motors simultaneously with gearing whenever the project requires extra power.


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Brushed DC Motor - 3V to 6V

Brushed DC Motor - 3V to 6V