12V Peristaltic Pump - 100ml/min - Cover Expand

12V Peristaltic Pump - 100ml/min



This simple 12V Peristaltic Pump offers a flow rate of up to 100 millilitres per minute, making it perfect for dosing & precision flow control.

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As creatures that are made up almost entirely of fluid, we tend to use a lot of different fluids for all kinds of different applications, from the exciting world of chemistry to the less exciting but vital world of plant care, but sometimes fluids can be difficult to work with, especially if they’re corrosive or unhealthy to touch directly. However, despite the potential dangers and other adverse side effects that some fluids can lead to, there are often times in which we need to use specific fluids, such as acids in a swimming pool or the various lubricants in vehicles and machinery, and that’s when we modern humans need to rely on mechanical and Electronic solutions, and rather than having to get close and personal with potentially dangerous fluids, we can program machines to do all of the dangerous work, and then sit back and watch our creations go.

This 12V Peristaltic Pump is a relatively specialised pump that is capable of up to 100 millilitre per second flow rate, but has been designed more for high precision than high speeds. This is complemented by the peristaltic nature as well, which means that it uses a clever roller system to squeeze the fluid through, without the fluid ever having to touch the actual Motor Parts, and instead only ever coming into contact with the tubing squeezed inside the motor assembly. This allows for a high level of precision in both directions, since you can measure precise volumes of fluid for each rotation or even half rotation of the motor, and that makes it a fantastic tool for dosing, testing and mixing various fluids. A great example of how this could be taken advantage of is an aquarium dosing system or automatic plant care solution, both of which need a good level of control so as to not pump too much of a chemical, water or other fluid, as that could easily cause negative effects on the sensitive living things. With this pump though, you can control precise amounts, keeping the fish, plants or pretty much anything else in tip top shape with just the right levels of whatever the project might need.

Of course, because of the simple style of this peristaltic pump, it’s a good idea to utilise a microcontroller or motor driver to drive this pump, as that would also for real control rather than just just “go” or “stop” capabilities, but fortunately the simplicity means that almost any Motor Drivers could easily provide the power it needs. So, whether you’re building an automatic plant watering system, a precise aquarium dosing tool, or possibly even an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, these persitaltic pumps are perfect tools for the job.


12V Peristaltic Pump - Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage Rating

– 12V DC

  • Flow Rate

– 1 to 100ml per Minute

  • Effective RPM

– 0.1 to 100 RPM

  • Motor RPM

– 5000

  • Drive Size

– 27.6mm Diameter | 37.9mm Height

  • Head Size

– 31.7mm Diameter | 20.1mm Height

  • Pump Tube

– 2mm ID | 4mm OD

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– 0° to +40°C


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12V Peristaltic Pump - 100ml/min

12V Peristaltic Pump - 100ml/min