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Emax MT1806 2280KV Brushless Motor | Set of 4 2xCW 2xCCW



The Emax MT1806 2280KV Brushless Motor offers almost half a kilogram of thrust, and is ideal for building drones with single or multiple propellers.

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The Emax MT1806 Brushless Motor is a high quality 2280KV motor that operates at high speeds and high efficiency. It is built specifically with drones and “heli-bots” in mind, and comes in a set of four.

For such a small motor weighing only 18g, each  of these motors pack a surprisingly powerful 460g of thrust, which is more than enough to lift and manoeuvre small quadcopters with precision. Additionally, because these are a brushless motors, they can be accurately controlled by electronics, allowing for multiple motors to act individually as well as in unison – resulting in a quadcopter that can turn, tilt, accelerate and even do flips with the right configuration.

Since each of these motors provide around half a kilogram of thrust, this pack of four can can provide enough thrust to lift a drone of almost 2kg into the sky. This is ideal if you are eager for a heavy-duty drone, or if you want to lift and carry objects with it. However, just remember that extra weight will make the drone more difficult to control, and you might want to start with a light frame while learning before moving onto heavier frames.

Technical Specifications:

  • Motor Model

– MT1806

  • Framework

– 12N14P

  • KV Rating

– 2280 RPM/V

  • Max Thrust

– 460G

  • Poles

– 14

  • Max No. of Li-Po Cells

– 2 - 3S

  • Thread Direction

– Counter Clockwise

  • Stator Size

– 18.2 x 6mm

  • Recommended Propeller Size

– 12.7mm to 15.24mm (Dual or Tri-blade)

  • Shaft Diameter

– M5

  • Shaft Length

– 2mm

  • Weight

– 18g

  • Dimensions

– 23mm Diameter, 26.7mm Length


Typical Applications for the Emax MT1806 2280KV Brushless Motor:

These Emax MT1806 2280KV Brushless Motors are designed with quadcopters and heli-bots in mind, and are made to fit 12.7mm to 15.24mm propellers with dual or tri blades. This makes them ideal in sets of two, three or four, but are also effective individually for smaller vehicles as well. The brushless style also ensures that the motors can be controlled with precision to allow for high manoeuvrability, so your quadcopter can do fast turns, quick acceleration and even tilts or flips in the right conditions.

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