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4x4 LED NeoPixel Square - RGB WS2812

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These NeoPixel 4x4 Squares with Addressable WS2812 RGB LED’s are easy to use, and are ideal as fun displays for basic to intermediate projects.

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When it comes to adding colour to an electronics projects, these 4x4 NeoPixel Squares use WS2812 Addressable RGB LED’s to display up to 16777216 different colour combinations, with simple operations and built-in features to greatly enhance functionality. This makes them ideal as LED Displays for basic to intermediate Electronics projects, and despite being comprised of only 4x4 LED’s, can be connected together to create larger displays as well.

What truly differentiates these WS2812 LED’s from others is that the circuitry is all built-in, with the actual board being there mainly for space to install the LED’s on. This means each onboard LED has its own circuit, making the entire unit much smaller, with a lower power consumption as well. These LED’s are installed on the board in rows and columns of four, for a total of 16 LED’s that can each be controlled separately or in unison with each other.



NeoPixel 4x4 RGB LED Square  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage                                     

– 5V DC

  • Number of LED’s

– 4 x 4 (16 Total)

  • LED Colour

– RGB Adjustable

  • LED Type

– 5050

  • LED Refresh Rate

– 30FPS

  • LED Colour Depth

– Trichromatic 256 Shade (16777216 Total Combinations)

  • Data Transmission Speeds

– up to 800Kbps

  • Signal Shaping

– Onboard Shaping Circuit

  • Protection Features

– Reverse Polarity Protection

  • Board Dimensions

– 30 x 30mm (±1mm)


Typical Applications for the NeoPixel 4x4 RGB LED Square:

These NeoPixel Square 4x4 WS2812 Addressable RGB LED Units are ideal for creating fun displays for basic to intermediate electronics projects, and use low voltages to produce bright colours in a variety of different colour combinations. Each LED unit is capable of 256 shades of green, red and blue, which translates to 16777216 different possible colours. This opens up limitless possibilities for what you can do with these units, as they can even be connected together to create even larger displays that act separately or in unison.


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4x4 LED NeoPixel Square - RGB WS2812

4x4 LED NeoPixel Square - RGB WS2812