8 LED NeoPixel Ring - RGB WS2812 - Cover Expand

8 LED NeoPixel Ring - RGB WS2812



These tiny LED NeoPixel Rings feature 8 RGB WS2812 individually addressable LED units, with onboard drivers for simple but exciting LED projects.

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Integrating LED’s into an electronics project always adds some extra “oomph” that almost no other electronics components can offer. However, it can often be quite difficult to get all of the LED's to work properly, as you typically need a driver board so the LED’s know how to function, what brightness to shine, as well as how much power to send to each of the R, G and B pins to create a specific colour combination.

Fortunately, very intelligent people have taken the time to develop this industry, and we now have fantastic LED modules like this 8 LED NeoPixel Ring, which features RGB WS2812 individually addressable LED units in a ring formation, with built in drivers that handle all of the complex parts so you can just focus on what’s important to you – making your project look amazing!

So if you love to work with LED’s, but find it amore than just a hassle to drive LED’s and get them to all work perfectly alongside each other, then you will certainly be able to appreciate this NeoPixel Ring, as well as all of the other NeoPixel LED goodies that we have in stock. So be sure to see what’s on offer before jumping in, as you may prefer a larger, smaller or more compact NeoPixel module in order to best cater to whatever needs your particular project has.

Please note: Some of these NeoPixel Ring items in your order may contain an extra LED in the centre of the ring. This is due to our supplier. But, you can easily pop out this extra 9th LED if it does not suite your project needs.

8 LED RGB WS2812 NeoPixel Ring  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Current Consumption

– ±20mA Constant Current

  • Number of LED’s

– 8

  • Integrated Drivers

– WS2812

  • LED Design

– RGB | Individually Addressable | Chainable

  • Weight

– ±5g


Typical Applications for these 8 LED RGB WS2812 NeoPixel Rings:

While these 8 RGB WS2812LED NeoPixel Rings are not precisely the same as the official Adafruit NeoPixel rings, they are designed to be as close as possible to the original design so as to ensure you can enjoy all of the same electronics projects and LED fun that you could with the originals. As such, these NeoPixel Rings are an excellent choice for almost any application aside from high-intensity lighting. And with a full RGB spectrum and individual addressability, you can create projects ranging from ambient mood lighting all the way through to NeoPixel clocks, unique wearables or even your own arc reactor like Iron Man’s chest-mounted personal power supply.


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8 LED NeoPixel Ring - RGB WS2812

8 LED NeoPixel Ring - RGB WS2812