Wio Terminal D51R: ATSAMD51 MCU with Realtek WiFi & BLE 5.0 - Cover Expand

Wio Terminal D51R: ATSAMD51 MCU with Realtek WiFi & BLE 5.0

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Build Product-Ready Projects with Wio Terminal, featuring a host of built in features, an onboard display & compatibility with Arduino & MicroPython.

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Whether you’re big into Making projects with Arduino, baking up fresh new Pi projects, or brewing Espressif projects in your spare time, you’re going to be quite excited at the idea behind this awesome product-ready microcontroller known as the Wio Terminal D51R. This little all-inclusive package features an ATSAMD51 MCU with a dedicated Realtek WiFi & BLE 5.0 chip onboard, and a whole suite of awesome integrations that ensure that you never have to worry about Prototyping fresh new circuits again – unless you want to of course – and you can simply dive straight into development with all of the key components you need to make your project work. However, while the amazing level of features and functionality that this board offers would typically demand an exceptionally high price, especially given the aesthetically pleasing and user-experience focused design of the unit, it is actually extremely affordable, coming in at just a little over the price of an Arduino Original Board, and even less than previous Raspberry Pi Boards before the Pi 4.

In terms of the exciting features that the Wio Terminal offers, it is fully equipped with everything you need to not just get your project off the ground, but actually complete the project with minimal or no other parts required. It features an integrated 2.4-inch LCD Display for displaying useful information, graphics or other data on-screen, and this is complemented with three user-defined buttons along the top and a 5-directional joypad on the front. Furthermore, the Wio Terminal also enhances this already-great unit with a built Accelerometer, an onboard Microphone and Speaker, as well as a Light Sensor and an IR Emitter, which are all ready to offer functionality from the very start, while the Realtek IC provides both WiFi and Bluetooth BLE5.0 so you never even have to worry about connections and networking either.

But of course, as with all other Development Boards, without connectors and ports to link up additional Modules and components, it simply wouldn’t be the DIY that we love, and that’s why it’s great to see that, even with the advanced level of functionality that the Wio Terminal already has, it offers two Grove Series connectors on the bottom for quick and easy module use, while the full sized 40Pin GPIO on the back can either be used as a standard GPIO header, but also fits the Raspberry Pi standard perfectly, conveniently acting as a HAT for when you want to enjoy the power of both a Pi and the Wio Terminal together.

There are very few DIY Microcontrollers that offer as much functionality and so many features as the Wio Terminal, and if you’re looking for the perfect all-inclusive package to get your project up and running and operating as a user-ready end product with minimal effort and few to no extra parts involved, the Wio Terminal is simply the best option out there both in terms of functionality and affordability for what it offers.


Wio Terminal ATSAMD51 MCU  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier

Seeed Studio                                                                         

  • Microcontroller


  • Operating Voltage (Logic Level)

– 3.3V DC

  • Input Voltage

– 5V DC via USB Type-C

  • Total I/O Pins

– 40 (Raspberry Pi GPIO Header)

  • GPIO Voltage Tolerance/Limit

– 3.3V DC

  • Grove Series Interfaces

– 2

  • FPC Camera Interface

– 20 Pin

  • Protocols Supported

– SPI | I2C | I2S | UART | PWM | ADC | DAC

  • Clock Speed

– 120MHz Standard | 200MHz Burst

  • Program Memory

– 512KB

  • Flash Memory (External)

– 4MB

  • RAM

– 192KB

  • Wireless Chip

– Realtek RTL8720DN

  • Wireless Connectivity Support

– Dual Band 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi

– Bluetooth BLE / BLE 5.0

  • Wireless Encryption Standards


  • USB OTG Support

– USB Host | USB Client

  • Interfacing Port(s)

– 40-Pin GPIO

– 2 x Grove Series Ports

– 20 Pin FPC Port

– MicroSD Card Slot (Up to 16GB)

  • Alternative Interface(s)

– SWD Bonding Pads for ATSAMD51P19

– SWD Bonding Pads for RTL8720DN

  • Onboard Indicators

– 1 x Power Status LED

– 1 x Upload / User Defined LED

  • Onboard Controls

– 5 Way Joypad

– 3 x User Defined Buttons

– 3 Way Power/Reset/Bootloader Slider Switch

  • Integrated Features & Functionality

– 2.4” 320x240 LCD Display

– 1V to 10V -42dB Microphone

– ≥78dB 10cm 4000Hz Buzzer

– 400 to 1050nm Light Sensor

– 940nm IR Emitter

– LIS3DHTR Accelerometer

  • Included Extras

– USB Type-C Cable

  • Enclosure Materials

– ABS & Polycarbonate

  • Dimensions

– 72 x 57 x 12mm


Additional Resources:

  • If you want to hit the ground running and get a head-start with your Wio Terminal, check out the official Seeed Studio Wio Terminal Getting Started Guide, which covers all of the cool features of this unit, while offering handy resources like pinout diagrams, tips and insights, as well as cool video tutorials to follow and enjoy.

  • To further build on the above resource, this is the awesome Wio Terminal Classroom Playlist on YouTube, which covers all of the cool features and helps users understand more about the Wio Terminal, as well as how to take advantage of the functionality it offers.

Finally, if you want a more visual demonstration of the cool feature and functionality of the Wio Terminal, the following video by MUO takes a very realistic approach and compared the value proposition of this unit to the more standard microcontrollers like Arduino:


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Wio Terminal D51R: ATSAMD51 MCU with Realtek WiFi & BLE 5.0

Wio Terminal D51R: ATSAMD51 MCU with Realtek WiFi & BLE 5.0