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Particle FeatherWing Tripler

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The Particle FeatherWing Tripler is based on the Adafruit FeatherWing design, to add near-endless expandability to your Particle Mesh Network.

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If you enjoy creating networks and integrated systems to allow all of your Electronics modules and devices to seamlessly operate in unison (ahhh, the dream) then you’re going to love the Particle FeatherWing Tripler, which has been designed to work with the Particle Boron, Argon and Xenon Boards to get all of your favourite electronics onto the same network, working together to behave as a sort of super computer with incredibly diverse functionality.

The Particle FeatherWing Tripler is based on the Adafruit FeatherWing design but is completely compatible with Particle Mesh Network modules, which opens up an astounding level of potential as you can integrate almost any FeatherWing module into your Particle IoT mesh network, but with a simple Shield-like interface that allows you to swap out or change up modules as you see fit. This enables you to experiment, test, reiterate and refine with ease, with FeatherWing modules that cater to display functionality, Sensors interfacing, memory or clock capabilities, as well as an almost unlimited number of other exciting options – catering to almost any unique needs your project might have.

The only limitations to these boards, in fact, is that you can’t integrate two MCU Boards onto a single FeatherWing Tripler, although this is rarely a problem in IoT, since you can simply have two separate boards operating in unison without ever needing them to be connected on the same board – or even connected with wires for that matter.

Please Note: This pack includes the FeatherWing Tripler Board, designed in part by Adafruit, as well as three sets of FeatherWing Headers which may require soldering if you want to permanently fix them to the board.


Particle FeatherWing Tripler  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • PCB Form Factor

– Adafruit “FeatherWing” Design

  • Module Compatibility

– FeatherWing Modules | Particle Mesh Boards         

  • Shared PCB Lanes

– 3.3V | GND

  • Included Headers

– 3 x Sets of FeatherWing Headers

  • Weight (Assembled with Headers)

– 18.2g

  • Dimensions

– 71.25 x 50.8 x ±10mm


Typical Applications for Particle FeatherWing Tripler:

The Particle FeatherWing Tripler is a highly diverse board, as it’s technically just a protoboard that can accommodate other FeatherWing-compatible Modules and Components. However, the clever design means you don’t have to worry about creating permanent systems, since the shield-like interfacing system ensures you can integrate almost any FeatherWing module (which is truly diverse selection) without even needing to solder them. This is ideal for both Prototyping as well as for development, enabling you to test, reiterate, refine and, ultimately, perfect your project before committing to any sort of finalised design.


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Particle FeatherWing Tripler

Particle FeatherWing Tripler

Particle is a comprehensive Internet of Things platform that is scalable, easy to use and secure, which was started as a Kickstarter campaign in as early as 2013. It was founded with the intent to make IoT easy and accessible for everyone, and by many people’s standards they have successfully achieved that, with over 70,000 engineers in over 170 countries utilising the Particle platform – including several Fortune 500 companies.

One of the recent utilisations of the potential of Particle tools is how it was implemented to connect a vital water-valve to the internet, allowing it to monitor the weather, identify the incoming Hurricane Irma, and prepare to move the water to where it needed to go – before the rain had even begun to fall in the area. This is just one of the many amazing examples of how Particle IoT can benefit more than just businesses or developers, as well as how Particle’s vision of IoT being integrated into almost everything – both online and offline – is quickly becoming a reality.