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Particle Xenon – Particle Mesh Network Node

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These Particle Xenon Boards are designed to act as nodes on particle Mesh Networks, acting as endpoints for sensors, motors and more!

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In the world of DIY IoT, there are two major brands that dominate the space, and these brands are Espressif and Particle. However, Particle have just recently launched into a new territory that they are calling “Mesh Networks”, and this is a technique that connects an array of wireless devices known as Gateways and Nodes, of which the Particle Xenon is the first real Mesh Network Node.

The Particle Xenon falls within the same range as the Particle Argon and Particle Boron in the way that they are all part of the Particle Mesh series, but the Xenon is a Node rather than a Gateway, which means that the Xenon is in charge of running modules and components like Sensors, motors, pumps, valves or almost any other endpoints that you can think of. Then, these Xenon boards send their data, signals or other information across the mesh network to the Gateways, which utilise Wireless Communications to connect to larger networks like the internet of your home or office network, where you can either have a server controlling the mesh network, or operate it manually whenever you need to.

These Particle Xenon Boards are amazing tools for DIY IoT, but they do require a Gateway in order to operate efficiently, especially if you building a mesh network with more than just a few endpoints. This is why they are often included in Particle Mesh Network kits like the Particle Mesh 2G/3G Bundle, to help you set up a basic network from the get-go, but are also stocked individually so you can expand your mesh network as you need to – with limitations only starting from 10 devices onwards.

Please Note: These Xenon Boards and other Particle Mesh Network products rely on a special pricing structure from Particle, although the prices that they offer are exceptionally well-tailored to Makers and Developers. However, it’s a good idea to check their Device Cloud Pricing Structure before committing to an idea, to ensure that you don’t run into any unexpected costs.


Particle Xenon Mesh Network Node  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer                                 

Particle IoT

  • Onboard SPI Flash

– 4MB

  • Mixed Signal GPIO

– 6 x Analog | 8 x PWM | UART | I2C | SPI

  • Micro USB Support

– 2.0 Full Speed: 12Mbps

  • Battery Support

– Integrated XC6802 Li-Po Connector/Charger

  • Hardware Interface

– JTAG (SWD) Connector

  • Onboard Indicators

– RGB Status LED | Charge Status LED | D7 User LED

  • Onboard Controls


  • Onboard Antenna

– PCB Antenna

  • External Antenna Ports

– u.FL Mesh | u.FL NFC

  • Certifications

– FCC CE & IC Certified

  • Compliance

– RoHS Compliant

  • Weight

– 18g

  • Dimensions

– 22.9 x 50.8 x ±10mm


Particle Xenon  -  nRF52840 SoC Specifications:

  • Chip Model

– Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840                                     

  • SoC CPU

– ARM Cortex-M4F 32-bit processor @ 64MHz

  • SoC Memory

– 1MB Flash / 256KB RAM

  • SoC Comm’s: Modulation Scheme

– IEEE 802.15.4-2006: 250 Kbps

  • SoC Comm’s: Bluetooth

– Bluetooth 5 : 2Mbps / 1Mbps / 500kbps / 125Kbps

  • SoC Instruction Set Support

– DSP Instructions / HW Accelerated FPU Calculations

  • SoC Security Module

– ARM TrustZone CryptoCell-310

  • SoC TX Power

– Up to +8dBm | 4 dB Steps Down to -20dBm

  • SoC NFC Support

– NFC-A Tag


Typical Applications for these Particle Xenon Mesh Network Nodes:

Building a Particle Mesh Network is relatively pointless if you don’t have any endpoints to operate Modules, components or devices, which is why these Xenon boards are fundamental to Particle Mesh Networks. And whilst they don’t have their own means of connecting to GSM, LTE or WiFi networks, they are capable of connecting via the mesh network, between various nodes, and ultimately to the Gateways like the Boron or Argon, which then transmit those signals or data sources to larger networks like an online server or local host.

As such, these Particle Xenon boards are excellent for connecting almost any individual Components, modules, devices or entire systems to your mesh network, and the low cost of these boards, when compared to Gateways like the Boron or Argon, means that you can build your mesh network with multiple Xenon nodes and only one or two Gateways, providing a highly robust, interconnected network without having to pay for multiple expensive Gateway boards.


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Particle Xenon – Particle Mesh Network Node

Particle Xenon – Particle Mesh Network Node

Particle is a comprehensive Internet of Things platform that is scalable, easy to use and secure, which was started as a Kickstarter campaign in as early as 2013. It was founded with the intent to make IoT easy and accessible for everyone, and by many people’s standards they have successfully achieved that, with over 70,000 engineers in over 170 countries utilising the Particle platform – including several Fortune 500 companies.

One of the recent utilisations of the potential of Particle tools is how it was implemented to connect a vital water-valve to the internet, allowing it to monitor the weather, identify the incoming Hurricane Irma, and prepare to move the water to where it needed to go – before the rain had even begun to fall in the area. This is just one of the many amazing examples of how Particle IoT can benefit more than just businesses or developers, as well as how Particle’s vision of IoT being integrated into almost everything – both online and offline – is quickly becoming a reality.